I love clothes shopping, not that I get chance to do it very often, but I’d quite happily spend an hour or three browsing Primark. The hubby, not so much.

He loves online shopping. Not so much the shopping aspect but loves the fact that he can have a quick look online, find something he likes then order it. Done, you don’t even have to leave the house.

When we got the offer to do a Jacamo review he was well and truly in his element knowing he could have a browse of the website on his phone. The fact that they had loads of designer brands was a bonus as he originally thought it was all Jacamo branded stuff, I really wasn’t anticipating the range of clothing they have on their site. There’s a huge selection of clothes, shoes and accessories in a wide range of sizes.

He opted to go for his two essentials, a nice, comfy hoodie and a well fitted shirt, two items he’ll get lot’s of wear out of. Blokes always need a going out shirt, one that looks smart enough for a date with the missus or that he can wear on a night out with the lads.

As you can tell from the photos, he was pretty chuffed with his buys. Trying to get this one to pose properly for the camera is like trying to get your toddler to pose for a photo but he does look pretty good in his new clothes.

We were really pleased with the quality of the clothes and the service. The delivery was fast and the returns process is simple too, if you ever need to send anything back. The hubby was really impressed and will definitely be having a look at Jacamo next time he fancies a bit of shopping.

Have you tried Jacamo before? What did you think?

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