Having kids often comes with the need to give some things up. One of the most common assumptions is that you’re going to give up your sense of style. Obviously, this is ridiculous but it does come from a slightly understandable place. After all, having a baby is a pretty life altering thing, and it’s rare that you’ll have the kind of energy that you need to stay stylish in the early days of your child’s life. Of course, as you settle into your groove as a parent, there’s nothing to say that you shouldn’t be able to still keep your sense of style intact. Here are just a few things that you can do to stay stylish as a parent.


Online clothes shopping is a true gift to any busy parent who still wants to look great. There are hundreds of different places online to buy clothes, from dedicated online retailers to the websites of high-street stores. You can often find some great deals with things like Nike discount codes or other online vouchers. Sure it doesn’t give you that great feeling of trying on clothes and having a day out to go shopping, but it more than makes up for that by just how convenient it is!


Let’s be totally honest; there’s a degree to which fashion is basically just a slightly more sophisticated, grown-up version of playing dress up. Chances are your kids love dressing up just as much as you do. In fact, a lot of parents tend to find their kids trying on their clothes or makeup as they get a little bit older. You’re not necessarily going to end up dressing your kids up in clothes that are more mature than they are, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing both you and your kids in stylish clothes. Just be careful not to coordinate too closely, there’s a fine line between cute and creepy!


One big mistake we all tend to make it that we have far too many clothes spilling out of our closets. Of course, when you have kids you find yourself having to use your space at home a little more sparingly. That doesn’t actually need to be a bad thing. In reality, you can probably make do with a few items that you can mix and match. Not only are you going to be able to save space without sacrificing your style, but it makes finding outfits that you actually want to wear so much easier!

Now, there’s nothing to say that style needs to be your number one priority all of the time. There are a lot of people who decide that it’s just not that important to them once they have kids. But if your sense of style is important to you then there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel as though you have to give it up just because you’ve become a parent. Remember, you’re still an independent person with your own needs and wants, even when you have kids!

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