We all want our kids to have the best rooms possible, don’t we? This is the first space in the world they they to call theirs. It’s the place where a lot of their development takes place. As such, it’s pretty crucial to ensure that your decor choices here are a decent reflection of your child’s likes. All the better for helping them find themselves in a space which reflects who they are. Nothing beats being able to create a room which your child goes absolutely crazy for. Get this right, and you’ll never be able to get them out of it.

But, what happens if you’re one of the many people who rents a house from someone else? Many of us now face long-term living in apartments for rent. With house prices through the roof and deposits near enough impossible, more people than ever are starting a family in a house which doesn’t belong to them.

In many ways, this is just how life is going now. England, like Germany, is becoming a country where renting is the norm and buying a house is the exception. The trouble is that this way of life does come complete with restrictions. For instance, the majority of private landlords have rules about what you can and can’t do to your property.

For obvious reasons, that can make it difficult to get the space the way you want. You may also find that you struggle to get the themed room you always dreamt of for your child. You certainly won’t be able to roll in with themed wallpaper without a second thought. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never give your child a decent room to come home to. All you need to do is ask yourself the following questions as you go.



It’s not true that decor is indefinitely off the cards in a rental. In reality, every landlord is different. Some have a complete no-go policy on this, while others are much more flexible. To get some idea of this, it may be worth flicking through your contract. Some landlords will outline their feelings on this matter from the off. If your contract states that you can change decor if you put it back how it was, for instance, take some pictures and get to work. If you can’t find anything about this, don’t be afraid to come right out and ask. The majority of landlords will be willing and flexible, especially if you consult with them before doing work. If you agree to replace everything when you leave, the chances are that you won’t find it too tricky to convince them. They would have to have a pretty hard heart to say no to a child getting the bedroom of their dreams!


Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that your landlord has refused to let you do so much as hang a picture on the wall. You feel as though you’ll never achieve that perfect kid’s room, but you’re wrong. You may not be able to do the themed wallpaper idea, but that’s about all this puts off limits for you. In reality, a lot of the stuff which goes into making the ideal bedroom is about the accessories you include. There’s nothing to say that you need a complete redecoration to achieve that dinosaur room, for instance. You could have just as much fun with nothing more than a few removable additions. The best part about a room like this, after all, are things like those dinosaur curtains, and that t-rex bedspread. You could even go all out with things like a velociraptor rug to tie the room together. With smartly placed units, that no-hanging rule doesn’t even stop you from making the use of framed dinosaur prints. Even better, there isn’t a single accessory that your landlord can take exception to. By getting stuck in here, you can create a personal haven without setting one foot outside of your contract. That looks a lot like the best of both worlds to us. Even if you don’t think this will look as good as a decor job, you’ll be surprised. Accessories make a room, after all, and that’s sure to be the case here.


At the very least, it’s worth finding compromises where you can. There are usually loopholes you can make the most of to get your child’s room as good as you possibly can. Think outside of the box to consider areas of decor you can change and then change back at a moment’s notice. If your alterations aren’t long-lasting, it’ll be pretty difficult for your landlord to object. An excellent example of this would be to change the lampshades your property came with. You can then keep the originals aside somewhere. You could even change things like door handles without making any permanent alterations. Even something like a removable rack of door pegs could be a compromise to drilling permanent holes into your fixtures. Equally, things like shelving units are a fantastic compromise to full-blown shelves on your walls. You may even find that using something like washi tape means a non-invasive way to hang prints on those walls after all. Even better, there’s little chance of tape like this taking off paint the way blu tack would. You could say then, that where there’s a will, there’s a way.


No one said that making your rental feel like home would be easy. But, there’s no need for your little one to feel like their life is for rent, either. All you need to do is turn your mind to the task and consider how you can get this right. Given how fast children’s tastes change, you may actually find these decor methods a blessing while they’re young. You won’t have to strip the wallpaper every time they move onto something new this way, after all.

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