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It’s only a month to Christmas so for this means I’ve got another month to work bloody hard in the gym to look amazing in my party frock but it also means that the harder I work now the less of an impact that Christmas Dinner (and pudding, and Quality Street/Roses, kids selection boxes etc etc) will have on me! Maybe from that line up you can tell I’m a bit of a chocoholic, I love the stuff so I was very happy when I heard that there was a new Double Chocolate Brownie Battle Oats protein bar. This means I can still treat myself on occasions without it having an effect on my workouts.

They have fab ingredients, are 100% natural, high energy, high protein (22%) and gluten free! The recipe has recently been changed, they’re now nutritionally stronger – with the addition of natural butter and coconut oil – whilst improving the taste & texture. The texture is very different to other bars I’ve tried, it’s really oaty with a bit of a crunch and they definitely taste natural and a bit creamy too. I much prefer these to Quest Bars as Quest are just too chewy for me and have an odd texture, even though I’m eating a protein bar I still want to feel like I’m eating normal food! I’ve previously written about the other Battle Oats flavours but this is by far my favourite, it actually tastes chocolately without that ‘powdery’ flavour that you can get with some. It really is soo nice, it’s obviously not the same as eating an actual Brownie, but after working hard it the gym it’s a great snack without the guilt or ruining all the hard work you’ve just put in, especially if you’re like me and trying to get rid of the Mummy Tummy!

Are you a fan of protein bars? Have you tried these?


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