Last week we had a fab afternoon at the Museum of Science & Industry for the kids #DysonChallenge hosted by the lovely people at Currys and Dyson.

The kids #DysonChallenge at the MoSI at Manchester

The event was to champion the world of engineering and encourage the younger generation to think about the opportunities available to them in this sector. I think most of the older kids came away wanting to work for Dyson when they grow up. I took my nephew with me as Archie was a little young, and in his own words he thought it was going to be mega boring but it was actually pretty cool.

The kids #DysonChallenge at the MoSI at Manchester

It was really fun to get to know about the technology behind the products and what makes them so different to others on the market. First up we had a go at making pin wheels. My nephew and I accidentally made pinwheels that spun in opposite directions. The kids loved hearing the explanation from the Dyson engineers, they were so helpful and engaging with the kids.

The kids #DysonChallenge at the MoSI at Manchester

We also had a go at making our own eggs that wouldn’t fall over, it was great seeing the kids looking at the crafts on the table and trying to figure out how it worked before even starting the mini project. This was based on the technology behind the Dyson Cinetic.

The children loved the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball and the fact that you couldn’t knock it over, it was like a weeble, just kept popping back up again (you can see it in action in the video below). I don’t think I’ve even seen so many kids desperate to vacuum the floor before! They were all pouring flour, coffee & glitter ready to vacuum it back up again. I wonder how many mums woke up to mess all over their kitchen floor with the kids wanting to get the vacuum out!

Here’s a little snapshot of the event and what we got up to

I really loved the way the whole event was run, it was so engaging for the kids, from the little ones right through to the older ones. We all had a great time, and I think Dyson might have a few engineers in a few years.

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