As a family grows – whether that is in size or age – the walls of your once seemingly big house can tend to feel like they are closing in. Many families may choose to move, but if your children are very involved in a local club, have exams at school, or your budget will not stretch to a new mortgage, moving may not be an option for you. However, that doesn’t mean your whole family has to feel claustrophobic until your oldest goes off to university or college. Expanding your current home may seem like a cost you don’t need at first, but it may become an invaluable investment to you in the long run. There are plenty of ways you can create more space – below are a few options readily available to you should you decide to go for an extension.


If you don’t already have a garage and have the space to build one on your land, it is a great way of creating more space for your family. Garages aren’t just used for cars – they can be converted into gyms, an extra lounge for your children and friends to take over, or even just a storage unit for the junk a big family tends to accumulate. When you have a large family under one roof, it can feel like you’re under each other’s feet, so having an extra lounge area that you or your little ones can escape to will really help to keep everyone’s stress levels down. If you already have a garage, you may consider extending up, adding a couple more rooms to your house. Even though you may not have plans to extend your family any further right now, that may change in the not so distant future. Even if your plans don’t change, you will have a spare room for family members or friends to stay, an office for ease to work from home or for your children to do homework in – even an extra bathroom to help the morning routine become that little bit easier.


If you have children who crave the outdoors and love being out in the garden, a summer house may be a great investment for you. Not only will it mean you can keep a comfortable eye on younger children, but it will also give you a space to relax and read a book without being in direct sunlight in the summer. It will give you the freedom to enjoy the heat and help you to avoid the constant putting out and putting away of summer furniture. It can also act as a time out for any of children, if they become overwhelmed or need some peace and quiet.


If you are a lover of the sun, and the pitter patter of rain on a window, a conservatory may be the perfect investment for you. There is nothing quite like snuggling up in a chair with a comfy blanket, and the heating on whilst the rain and wind carry on outside. Just doing a quick research of conservatories that can really make a difference for you and your family, will help to reassure you whether this is the correct investment, and give you an idea of the budget you are working with. You can turn it into a playroom for your children, a relaxation area just for grown-ups, or a second family room if you find you’re all constantly fighting over the TV remote.
Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought on whether expanding your home is the right decision for you, and what options are available to you should you decide to do so.

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