Baking is a past-time favoured around the world. It’s often featured on blogs written by mothers (*waves*), and quite rightfully so – not only does it provide a fun activity to do with children, it’s a great-tasting bonding activity, too. Seriously, what’s not to love? But is baking changing and becoming cool for people from all walks of life as well? You bet. And here’s why!


The Great British Bake Off is one of the most successful shows on British television. Don’t take that at face value, look at the facts! In 2015, the year that Nadiya Hussain won, it was the most watched thing on TV all year, even beating out the likes of Britain’s Got Talent. People love the show’s format, the contestants and the recipes so much that it’s absorbed into social media, office conversations, and even memes!

The GBBO isn’t the only way that baking is coming up in popular culture, though. It’s even spilling over into our hobbies – including video games. One example can be found in the casino world. The Bake Me a Winner slot is available at the mFortune website and allows those who perhaps aren’t blessed with actual cooking skills to have fun exploring their creative side with graphics representing the act – without letting them poison their guinea pigs at home! The casino provider offers a no deposit bonus, which means that players are welcome to try the game for free and see how they do at this baking-themed title without making any commitment. Games representing baking show that people like the idea of mixing ingredients, even if they can’t do it in real life – and puts our familiar hobby it into quite unusual formats we may end up being better at, such as the slots!


In today’s post-feminist world, a lot of women are reluctant to conform to traditional gender roles. Baking may once have been dismissed as “women’s work”, but as Nigella Lawson – super famous baker and all-round successful woman – points out, baking can actually be a feminist act. This reassurance makes it known to women – whether passionate feminists or not – that it doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy it.

Nigella says that actually, so what if it IS traditionally a woman’s work? That doesn’t make it any less valid! Baking demands “awe and respect”, as pointed out in the article, because it’s actually really challenging. By implying it’s “just” for women, you’re implying it’s somehow “lesser” work. It’s not! It requires a lot of skill, determination, and even knowledge of maths and ratios. In fact, it really gives women back the choice. Yes, they can have a high-power career. But they’re not letting down those whose chosen way of showing strength is absolutely OWNING a domestic skill!

Baking also gives those who’ve made ethical lifestyle choices – such as veganism – many more options than they might find in their local coffee shops, but is also giving rise to those who want to start their own businesses from it, too!


The likes of Great British Bake Off and the rise of bakers from all backgrounds, genders and beliefs is actually highlighting one major thing – baking is for everyone. Whilst it’s traditionally been the past-time of women – and that’s all good – the doors have opened for men, as well. Bakers in the hit show have represented all cultures and all walks of life, side by side. Indeed, 2015’s Bake Off winner Hussain told Radio Times “Originally, I was a bit nervous that perhaps people would look at me, a Muslim in a headscarf, and wonder if I could bake,” – but as we all know, it made no difference, except to show that this is anyone’s game. Representation is a vital thing in popular culture; because when people see individuals all the more “like themselves” doing something, it inspires them, and shows them that yes, they can do anything they put their mind to.

Oh, and another major factor as to why baking is on the rise? The end results taste really, really good! People will always want to eat treats, so enjoy baking them!


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