There’s nothing worse than coming home only to find the place messy, uncomfortable, and downright unappealing. Home should be the place where you go to kick back, relax, and not stress about your surroundings. It’s definitely easy to feel at home when you’re in your own room, especially if you have a Koala Mattress, but the rest of your house should make you feel that way as well! So if you’re having trouble coming home and loving what you see, here’s a list of 6 ways household changes can help you revitalise that vivacity!


This one is a main component, as being at home and feeling amazing within yourself and your surroundings is super hard when the place is a cluttered, unorganised mess. Write yourself a cleaning plan and clean the place head to toe, organise everything in a way that suits you so the place can really be a sanctuary for you.


You need room to move!
Whether it’s simply walking around or dancing like no one’s watching, you won’t be able to get anywhere easily if there’s pieces of furniture everywhere, organise everything so you have enough room to move around. Space will leave you feeling less cluttered in your house, but also within yourself, which will really shine through!


No one likes walking into a house that’s completely devoid of life and decoration, let alone live in one! Decorating your house can really make it look like your own and really bring life back into its walls. It can leave you feeling happy within yourself and the walls of your home and really bring the place back to life.

Decorating your house can also give the house a more personal feeling to it. You’ll really feel at home when you walk into your house and find yourself surrounded by all the beautiful things you love, you will feel more at home and your house will look more alive than ever.



A great way to keep your house looking and feeling beautiful is to follow a theme when decorating and sorting through colours and furniture. This can help give the place a certain feel and stops it looking like you’ve had a frivolous decorator throw up all over the place.


Having a home bathed in natural light is one sure fire way for keeping the place beautiful and alive. Natural light is not only beneficial for the aesthetics of the home, but it’s also good for our personal health. Natural light can help lift your mood; it’s known to be more calming than artificial light.

During the day, artificial light usually can’t match the natural light outside. So, if you find yourself with the curtains drawn and the household lights on, you’ll most likely be finding yourself in a darker area, which can cause depressive moods.


If your house is starting to feel stale and out of date, it may be a good idea to redecorate or reorganise your surroundings. New starts can be fun, especially when it involves decorating your spaces! Changing even a few things around can change the way the whole house looks and feels. Shop around and search the internet for designs and styles that suit you best.

Changing your house around can be equally fun and hard. Take your time and make sure the house suits you best. You will start feeling more alive and free in a new space and your homes former glory will shine through the walls for all to marvel at its beauty.


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