Sometimes as a mummy you just need a night off and Monday night was MY night. As is typical in our house, as soon as I’m about to get ready to go out something happens, this time it was the Teenager and the Husband throwing a strop & arguing. Pair this with so many really bad sleepless nights, and I mean literally sleepless I was ready for a pampering at the launch night of Lush Nails and Beauty plus it’s just round the corner from my house in Romiley, Stockport so I can head there for future pampering!

When I arrived the salon was absolutely heaving, so many people had come along but I was made to feel welcome straight away with a glass of bubbly so no anxious wait in the doorway. After a little mingling I just had to have a nosy at the Botox demo, I’m a bit cringy at needles but it wasn’t too bad & she looked like she was completely at ease even with about 10 people ogling her! I was then grabbed by the hair stylist who insisted on styling my hair, I don’t know what that says about how rough I looked but it was lovely to pampered with the most amazing blow dry. I walked in the salon with a wet topknot (I don’t have time to even think about drying my own hair) and walked out with these amazing curls.lush_nails_beauty_romiley (2)

After lot’s of chin wagging and giggles I was brave enough to get my top lip & chin waxed, I’m not a softie but I didn’t really fancy a bright red face amongst people I don’t know but the owner & staff put you so at ease I was happy enough to go ahead and will definitely be getting the tash removed here in future, especially as they’re open until 8pm on a Wednesday so I can drop the Teenager at footy training, nip to the salon & be back to watch before he even notices I’ve gone.

To top the night off the gorgeous Francesca even stayed late to do my nails, I was literally the last one out of salon but it was no trouble for her at all, I felt a bit guilty but she was insistent saying that their motto is ‘if we can’t fit you in when we’re open, we may open to fit you in’. How fab is that for customer service?

All in all I had a great night, I felt refreshed, pampered and completely relaxed and to top it all off the Toddler even slept through the night!

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