Fifteen? I know we all say it but how did those fifteen years go by so fast?

I was just 18 when I fell pregnant but instead of it ruining my life it was only the beginning. As my bump grew so did my maternal instincts, I loved you so much before you were even born. You gave me direction, inspiration & passion. I was going to give you the world.

You got my life back on track, you inspired me to go back to college then on to university. You only had your mummy & I was going to be everything you needed me to be.

Holding you in my arms for the first time was a beautiful haze, I couldn’t believe you were mine, that I was your mum. Your scrunched up face, little fists and tiny toes were just perfect. You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and have grown into such a handsome young man.

Your tiny toes have grown into a man’s size 10, you now stand at least two inches above me.

You have to shave before school, sometimes I don’t even recognise your voice as its gotten so deep.


You have changed and grown but you still shout ‘love you mum’ before running out the door. You always ask about my day, and ask how your little brother has been at nursery.

I know you’re no angel, none of us are, but you are finding your way. You are maturing and making better decisions, you have dropped the attitude & teenage angst and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Today you are fifteen but you are still, and always will be my baby boy.


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