As much as I want to, I really don’t get out much. And by that I mean actually out of the house, not just a night out!

I work from home, write my blog, do my husband’s business admin and am a busy mama to our boys, one of them having special needs so I tend to spend most of time in the house. It’s not that I don’t want to go out, I just struggle to find the time or the energy, I’m knackered!

But we all need to get out, to see our friends, to chat, to eat, to drink, to just have a fab girly night out instead of being mum or wife. Me & my girls just don’t get to see each other much but when we do, we have the best nights, even if we do go home earlier in our 30s than we did in our 20s.

Last month I decided to get my flock together for a night out at Gala Bingo. I haven’t been in years and some of the girls had never been, so our Whats App group was full of giggles & jokes about being ‘old ladies’ going to the bingo. Our husbands thought it was hilarious that we were going but they definitely weren’t laughing when we got home £100 richer each, and didn’t share it with them!

Seeing as we don’t see each other much we can get pretty loud, when you only have the kids to talk to all day as soon as you get some adult company you can’t stop talking, especially us lot. So I was a little worried about having to be quiet, would we be getting shushed by all the regulars or would we have to sit there in silence so we could hear all the numbers being called?

Well I didn’t have to worry as we were able to sit in a separate section away from the main bingo hall, and we were offered the electronic boards that will automatically mark the numbers off for you so there’s no chance of missing any. Between us, we weren’t sure of we were going to like using the electronic pads instead of the books but I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. You still get that buzz of seeing the numbers being marked, and you still have to call if you win but you can just relax a bit more.

We all genuinely had such an amazing night, the food was great, the drinks were flowing and to top it off my sister won twice, she was very happy. And we all agreed to share our winnings so we all walked out £100 better off and more than a little tipsy!

It was such a giggle and so much better than any of us had expected. We normally go out for a curry for our girls night but a night out at Gala is definitely on the cards again. If you’re looking for something a little different to do on a night out I’d totally recommend getting your Flock to Gala. I can’t wait for our next Girl’s Night Out.


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