GOODBYE 2016, HELLO 2017

2016 was a hard year for us a family, we hit breaking point more than once & if I’m honest at one point I wasn’t sure how we were going to get through it. As a family we were under so much stress, and still are but we’ve found our ways of coping. Our ways of getting through the tough times.
Our little man has Special Needs, we’re currently on the waiting list for an Autism diagnosis and anyone who’s been in our footsteps will tell you what a stressful process this is.

Archie’s now four and has been ‘in the system’ for the past three years. I’v had to fight like a lioness to get the support that he needs. Even then it was few & far between, his speech therapy sessions were 18 months apart due to the waiting lists!

He doesn’t sleep, which is a killer for any family. The tiredness can tear a family apart, it can make everything so hard to deal with but we’ve found our routine. The hubby & I barely wake up in the same bed anymore but you do what you have to do in order to get some sleep.

The Teenager is doing his GCSE’s so he needs his sleep and his time to himself to study. Thankfully he’s an amazing kid and so understanding. He loves & protects his little brother with a fierceness that I adore. My heart completely melts when I see them together, when my eldest boy tries so hard to teach his little brother new words. He doesn’t get frustrated when he can’t understand what Archie is trying to say, he just keeps trying .

As much as 2016 was a hard year which nearly broke us, it was also the year that glued us back together.

Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that blogging has brought in 2016. As my blog grew, so did the rewards. Blogging meant that I could hand over the management of my cake business to my sister, my new business partner. She could take over the majority of the work and the customer orders meaning it was much less stress on me.

Blogging meant that I could work very different hours to when I working on cakes. It’s much easier to work different hours when you’re writing. You still have deadlines but not quite the same as when making cakes. I have more control over my work meaning when my kids need me, or when I haven’t slept for days, I can actually take a little time off. This has made a huge difference to our home life.

2016 was a huge year for my blog and my new passions, vlogging. I never thought I’d have the confidence for YouTube but I’ve totally proved myself wrong. I absolutely love it and am really working on improving my content and my style. I’m looking forward to building my subscribers (if you don’t already subscribe then click here), increasing my views and filming lot’s of fab content this year. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head!

This year I’m going to continue working super hard on my blog. It sounds pretty extreme and so corny but blogging has really helped ‘fix’ our family. It has meant that I can carry on working and contributing to our finances whilst at the same time taking away a lot of the stress I had with the cake business. I can support the hubby and our boys better now I’m less stressed and less tired.

I can bear the burden of the hospital appointments, the endless paperwork, the therapy, the sleepless nights and the long days as I don’t have the additional stress of a full time job anymore. I can be the mum & wife I want to be.

So goodbye 2016 and hello 2017, I’m ready for you!

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