Many mums don’t like the hassles of a 9 to 5 job. As such, they prefer to spend their time at home in the process making their money from home! Sounds nice, isn’t it? Well, it is indeed nice, who wouldn’t want to make some money while working from the comfort of her own home, the answer is, no one. It is against this background that we have decided to come up with a list of top opportunities for work from home mums. It’s our belief and hope that from the opportunities listed below, you will find something that works for you and something that you love doing. After all, work is great if you love what you are doing.


Data entry is one of the easiest jobs that you can do at home. For most data entry jobs, you do not need any particular set of skills apart from your listening and comprehension skills (no one wants to redo a task twice right?). Thanks to the internet, there are literally dozens of sites that offer data entry jobs for work from home mums including SigTrack and Fiverr.


For mums who do possess basic computer skills, the transcription business is also another great field to venture into. With basic computer skills, you can take on virtually any transcription job. If you have some legal or medical knowledge, then you will have a distinct advantage. There are many sites that offer transcription projects hence it’s not difficult to get started.


For mothers who love an adventure, online gambling is a great option. Those who are good at playing games can engage in playing casino games such as slots and blackjack. Mums who are sports fanatics can engage in sports betting. Mums who love politics, economic news or entertainment news can engage in novelty betting. To engage in any of the above online gambling services, mums need to visit NetBet Casino.


Mums who do have a passion for teaching (even if one doesn’t have a teaching qualification) can earn a killing through online tutoring. They are students in need of teachers for virtually any subject from Maths to Geography. If you are knowledgeable in a certain subject and you do have the passion for teaching, then online tutoring is a great way to earn some cash. Native English mums also do have an advantage as they can help students whose first language is not English to master spoken as well as written English.


For mums who do have a lot of time on their hands, suppose the husband goes to work in the morning and returns late in the evening including the kids, they can try the virtual assistant work. A virtual assistant is basically an administrative assistant, but one who works from home. In general, virtual assistants do data entry jobs, prepare or send invoices, schedule meetings and manage company bogs among other things. As a virtual assistant role is more like a full-time job done at home, it needs someone who has a lot of time, someone with limited distractions.

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