Today is a wonderful day, my baby has turned two and I can honestly say don’t know where the past two years have gone, it’s flown by. He’s getting so grown up now and turned into a handsome little man not a cute little baby any more. As it’s his second birthday and that he has suspected Autism we decided not to thrown a party for him this year, but we are going to take a few of his friends to soft play tomorrow which will be lovely for him to just run around like the crazy little kid he is!

He’s really into cars at the moment, mainly lining them up but we thought if we bought him a garage this would encourage him to actually role play rather then organising them. As soon as he got his new cars out of the box he was lining them up but once the garage was out of the box he came over & started getting a bit more interactive, I’m so glad we decided to go for the Vtech Toot Toot Drivers garage as its bright & colourful, and also features lights & sounds but not anything that would be too much for him. (I may do a review of the garage if its of interest to anyone out there)


Today is also a hard day, it’s a reminder of Archie’s developmental issues and the fact that he’s not progressing the same as other two year olds. This morning we were so excited for him to open his presents, Archie on the other hand was overwhelmed by all the presents so we had to remind ourselves to rein it in and slowly introduce his presents a couple at a time so he could get used to what was going on. We decided to give him a few presents from us before Dad went off to work then let him have a few more during the day and this seems to be working well.

We’re not going to let his potential Autism be the focus of his day but let my little man enjoy it at his own pace.

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