With everything that has happened recently with the terror attacks in Manchester, it’s really made me think about where we live and are raising our kids. But would I move away from Manchester?
No, not a chance.

I’m not even originally from Manchester, although most of my family is. I lived just a few miles outside when I was younger before we moved back to Yorkshire as a family. I met my amazing hubby in Manchester, and went to University in Manchester, I built my career and my business in Manchester.

Manchester adopted me & I adopted Manchester. It might be wet & windy most days but absolutely love my hometown and couldn’t imagine living any where else.

I’m so proud of the city & surrounding towns and the way everyone pulled together. It’s an amazing place to live and an amazing place to visit. There’s just so much going on. Living just a few miles away means we have the best of both worlds. It’s amazing for me for work and my blogging career but also so amazing for us as a family.

We’re ten minutes away on a train to anything we want to do, concerts & gigs, museums & art galleries. Restaurants, pubs and bars, plus all the shopping you can imagine!

There’s so many websites dedicated to days out and things to do in Manchester that’s it’s so easy to plan your visit, you can always sign up for newsletters from places like VisitManchester just a simple email verification will get you started. Plus once you’re here everyone is so friendly that someone will always point you in the right direction.

I love taking the kids into town and heading to some of our favourite places. We absolutely adore the Museum of Science & Industry, there’s so much for both kids and adults to do there. Then there’s the Manchester Museum, which Archie adores as he loves all the dinosaurs and and exhibits there.  You could literally spend the full day there and not get bored, plus they are both free!

The hubby & I have had some of the best nights out in Manchester, he even proposed at the Cloud 23 bar at the Hilton Hotel before we headed to the Arena to see The Killers. We love nipping into town for lunch and a bit of shopping if we have a day off work together, normally heading for our favourite Asian food at Wagamama or Thai Khun before I spend a fortune on make up in Selfridges!

Manchester can be a bit daunting with it being a big city. There’s so many different areas to visit and explore, you can feel like you’d get lost but with a little bit of research it’s so easy to find your way, especially with the tram links and city centre buses too. It’s definitely best to do a little research online if you’re not familiar with Manchester.

I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is definitely with Manchester.




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  1. June 10, 2017 / 10:11 pm

    What a fab post and something different, not just sharing your thoughts on the horror. I grew up between Manchester and Liverpool (Haydock, St. Helens) but now live down in Kent. You have given me some ideas for things to do when we visit our family up North in the summer. Thanks xxx

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