How I found the confidence to wear what I like, when I like #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #mumstyle #thismamastyle #momstyle

How I found the confidence to wear what I like, when I like #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #mumstyle #thismamastyle #momstyle

It’s taken a long time for me to find my style. I’ve always known the kind of style I like but I’ve just never had the confidence to wear exactly what I want.

I’ve wanted to wear big headscarves/headbands ever since I can remember but wasn’t confident enough. I’ve got no idea why. I guess it could be the town I grew up in, or should I say housing estate. Anything out of the ordinary back then meant you’d end up in a fight. You’d have girls shouting abuse at you in the street so it just wasn’t worth venturing outside the box so to speak. We all dressed in the same style.

It was only once I started uni at 21 that I started to see ‘real’ people wearing different styles, but I still lived in that same town. So whilst I changed the way I dressed slightly, I just didn’t have the confidence or even the right ideas of what to actually wear.

My style in my 20s didn’t really change too much. I’d moved to a town just outside of Manchester so was ‘fashionable’ to a degree, but just following the style of the moment rather than actually having my own style. I was a marketing manager for a big company in central Manchester so my wardrobe was pretty much work clothes or comfy clothes.

This was when the mum uniform of leggings & a tee started.

The clothes I had to wear for work were so stuffy & uncomfortable, suits, shirts etc, that on the weekend I just wanted comfort. Then once I left that job to become self employed, the stuffy clothes went out the window & my wardrobe was filled with more leggings. Things you could just throw on without having to think about it.

Being a work from home mum with a baby was seriously hard work, if I got covered in baby food or worse, I could chuck on a different t-shirt without having to plan a whole new outfit.

It’s only once I hit my mid 30s, once my boy was at school & I had more time during the day, that I wanted to get out of that mum uniform. My blog had gradually moved away from parenting as my boy got older & fashion & style was something I really wanted to move into. The problem was, I wasn’t stylish. Again I ended up with two types of clothing. Going out, out or staying in. My two looks were ‘glamorous’ or ‘homeless’, nothing in between!

I was desperate to not only find my style again, but to actually find MY STYLE. And that wasn’t just clothes, it was my tattoos too. I now have twelve and want so many more….

I spend so much time on Instagram, two of my total style icons are @sammijefcoate who is stunning beyond belief & covered in tattoos. I adore my tattoos & am still planning more so she was a huge inspiration when it came to style. Then the beautifully stylish @suzy_does_life who manages to find the most amazing items in charity shops & puts stunning outfits together that I would never consider. I think she’s the one that really made me push myself. To think outside the box. To find items I love & force myself to put together an outfit based on that one piece, that didn’t involve chucking on a pair of jeans or leggings.

I guess the older I’ve gotten the more confident I’ve gotten & that began with baby steps that soon went onto huge leaps.

How I found the confidence to wear what I like, when I like #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #mumstyle #thismamastyle #momstyle

How I found the confidence to wear what I like, when I like #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #mumstyle #thismamastyle #momstyle

So back to the simple thing such a wearing a headscarf.

As I said I’ve always loved that look but just felt that I would look daft, that people would look at me strange etc etc. But as soon as I did wear one I was complimented by a stranger straight away. Now I can’t believe I waited so long to do something so bloody simple. A headscarf has pretty much become the thing I’m known for. I’m asked so often about how to tie a headscarf or tips on how to keep it secure so that’s a blog post that will be coming very soon. I haven’t used IGTV before so I think I’ll try it out over there & post the video here too.

The same was with my Dr Martens. I could never have worn them in my teens or 20s. I just wouldn’t have had the confidence, but I don’t think I’d have had any clothes to even go with them back then. Now they go with everything in my wardrobe. I love to wear them with pretty dresses & get so many compliments.

Now I’ve totally found my style, the types of clothes I’ve always wanted to wear but was never brave enough. I just wish I had of just done it years ago & not waited until I was nearly 40!!

How I found the confidence to wear what I like, when I like #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #mumstyle #thismamastyle #momstyle

So my advice for anyone in that same position that wants to try something but is just terrified to do so. Start small, wear an accessory that’s out of your comfort zone, or maybe a pair of shoes. Just push yourself a little & go bigger each time. Just keep adding something new to your wardrobe & before you know it you’ll have totally found your style & you’ll be totally rocking it!

If you want any advice or even just a bit of moral support then join my group This Mama Style & I’ll be there to help you out in any way I can.


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