We all go through tough times in our lives, and it’s cruel, but it’s part of life. So when we go through something traumatic or upsetting, that knocks us off our feet, it’s useful to know how we can get through these periods and come out the other side stronger.

Talk It Through

Going through a divorce, for example, can be really hard on everyone. Family law solicitors can get involved and sometimes the battle between parties can get severely bitter. Like acknowledging your feelings, you can’t let what you want to say, get bottled up too. Speak to friends or family members that may be involved and if that’s not possible, seeking the guidance of a therapist or counselor is nothing to be ashamed of and is perfectly normal to do. We often open up more to strangers anyway than we do our own family.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Ignoring how you feel is only going to make you feel ten times worse than you already do. So acknowledge all those feels and feel them. You can try running away, but it’ll always catch up with you, so it’s best to be brave and face it head-on.

Try To Visualise Yourself Beyond It

Sometimes it helps to visualise yourself beyond the pain that you might be going through. In times of crisis, we tend to see no way out and no future, but this cannot be further from the truth in reality. It’s important to reflect and to allow your mind to focus on the future, thinking of the positives and the reasons to keep pushing through.

Make You The Number One Priority

Self-care is important through times of hardship, and it can be easy to stop caring for yourself. You should be the number one priority so make sure you take time to take good care of yourself so that you don’t spiral further. Eating healthy, doing something that makes you happy and giving yourself a little love is crucial.

Cut Out The Toxic

When something awful is happening in your life, there can sometimes be toxic situations or people that are only making it worse and deep down; you know who and what they are. Cut it out because they’ll only hinder your progress in getting through this difficult period. Toxic people do not have your best interests at heart, and at a time when you need this the most, you want to be surrounding yourself with people that love you, listen and comfort you.

Remember That Everyone Heals Differently

Just because Helen has bounced back from a death in the family, does not mean that you should follow suit if you go through the same thing. Everyone handles these times differently and it takes your own time to heal properly. Don’t get stressed out or worry that you taking a little longer, is abnormal, because it isn’t. If you ignore your body and go back to work or normal daily life too soon, it will probably knock you back even further than before.

Know that you are never alone when you’re struggling. Most people will have gone through something tough in their lives, and they can be a great pillar to lean on and ask for help when you go through it.

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