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Hey lovelies. Firstly, let me apologise for the dodgy look on my face. I decided to head into Manchester with my tripod to get some street style shots. I was absolutely petrified about what people would think or say so I think that shows on my face, lol. I did get a lot more confident after a few shots, but that’s for another post.

If you know me, you know I love me some leopard print. Like seriously love leopard print. I’ve got so many different items in my wardrobe in the gorgeous print. However…

It can look too much sometimes. Think Bev at the Rovers Return (unless you watch Coronation Street that could quite easily go over your head, sorry!)

Today I’m going to be giving you some hot tips on how to style your beloved animal print item (like a mama, of course because that’s what we do). This trend has dominated for so long and there are no signs of it slowing down. Whenever I go out with the girls you can guarantee at least three of us have some form of animal print on. So here are some of my tips on how to look mega in animal print!

See, my photos did get better, but I wanted to include that first shot as I’m a mama first & foremost & I want my style, my blog & my insta to be totally relateable. And I hope it comes across that way.

So many bloggers will say “stay neutral”, however I think animal print looks amazing with a pop of colour. A bold red or a bright royal blue. Or even a bold slogan t-shirt. This Rebel Sound t-shirt I stole from the hubby looks fab underneath the blazer even though it’s a strong, dominant print.

If you prefer, you can make your leopard print a hero piece by pairing it with neutral accessories. A pair of white Converse or Chelsea boots look amazing with any type of leopard print.

When you’re feeling bold enough, then it’s time to experiment a little. I love clashing my animal prints with other prints, such as going for the stripy headband with the spotty blazer. Or even better, go head to toe animal print, a dress plus shoes in a matching print can look stunning. This Insta photo shared by @mama_loves-leopard shows how amazing it can look.  Right now more is more.


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Some people may find animal print quite tacky & say to avoid anything skin tight but if you pair it with a loose item then it balances it right out. You can always tone something it down by wearing a casual pump or Chelsea boots.

Go bold or go home. Animal print comes in different colours, so use them. Try bright colour and bold animal prints. Again, how stunning does that bright green dress look?.

It’s all about having fun and using prints to tease out your animal spirit! So step outside your comfort zone a little and go for it. Have fun!


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