It takes a lot of motivation to achieve any goal, especially in business. As a business owner, it will be your duty to keep going when others feel like giving up. That constant need to keep chipping away will require you to dig down deep for motivation that just may not be there. So, how do you stay motivated during the times when all you want to do is give in?

Set Exciting Goals
Your goals should be part of what motivates you. If you’re setting small goals that don’t excite you, it’s not surprising that you’re not motivated. If the latest documentary on Netflix is more appealing than what’s currently going on at the office, then naturally you’ll be a little distracted at work. If your goals are boring you, it’s time to set some different ones or add more muscle to your current ones. The satisfaction of reaching your goals should be all the reward you need once they’ve been completed. There’s nothing like getting up in the morning and knowing you’ve got something exciting to work towards.

Change Your Perspective

Working in the same space with the same people can be a bit of a drag after a while. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to change the way you think. For example, it’s often very useful for business owners to spend time with their employees and customers. Schedule some time to spend with different people and get some refreshing insights. You can use this tool – It’s easy for business owners to lose sight of what other people in the business are doing, so spending time with different people could be a huge eye opener.

Set Personal Goals

Although you know your business goals need to be achieved, you may be finding it difficult because there’s no personal satisfaction waiting at the end. It can sometimes help to set your own personal goals that coincide with business goals. It can help to create a personal mission statement that keeps you going through the more tedious tasks. In addition, you could reward yourself at the end of every project. For example, when you finish your current project, you could reward yourself by treating yourself to a meal at your favourite restaurant. If you have something to look forward to at the end of each task, it will make it easier for you to focus on.

Take Time Out

Running your own business comes with a lot of pressure and stress. It can completely consume your life and you won’t be the first business owner to forget to take some vacation time. However, without taking that vacation time, your goals become one big mountain of jobs that weigh you down. It can take the passion out of what you do and affect your mental health. Taking time for yourself will ensure you come back with renewed energy and in the right frame of mind to tackle your goals. Always make time to look after yourself so you can look after your business.

Look at Where You’ve Come From

When you’re struggling to motivate yourself, it can seem like there’s too much on your plate. All you can see is a pile of tasks ready for you to tackle and not enough time to tackle them. You’ll often be told to look ahead instead of looking back but it can often be beneficial to look back. When you look back you can see how far you’ve come. There have probably been times in the past when you’ve felt like you wouldn’t make it through and yet somehow you survived and thrived. It’s good to remind yourself of that from time to time so you realise you can get through the rest too.

Become a Mentor

Nothing is a bigger boost to your motivation than teaching others what you’ve learnt. There’s a certain satisfaction to knowing you’ve learnt some valuable lessons in business that others may benefit from. Becoming a mentor for business owners who are just starting out will renew your motivation for succeeding in your own business. Preparing to teach others is also a great way of reflecting on your own decisions and realizing what you may have done right or wrong. Call it therapy for the small business owner.

Change Up Your Routine

When you first start out, a strict routine can often be necessary to achieve goals. Having a routine is healthy for any business, but there may come a time when that routine becomes the death of your motivation. You may dread going into work and doing the same thing day in and day out. If that’s the case, it’s time to change up your routine. Just a few slight changes could make all the difference to your motivation levels. The last thing you want is to feel bored to death by your working routine, so mix it up a bit. Tweak your routine every day so you don’t become bored by your work. Work on something you’re excited about when you feel a lull in motivation.

Find Inspiring Content

The internet will never be devoid of inspiring content. You could find something new for every day if you needed to. Whether it’s an inspiring quote, a TED talk, a celebrity Instagram or many more, just one inspiration every morning could make a difference to your whole day. Why not search for a few blogs or YouTube channels that you find inspiring and subscribe to them so you have regular content at your fingertips should you need it. If you have days where you think of your own inspiring content, make a note of it and pin it to the area around your desk.

Make a Difference

Motivation doesn’t just have to be about personal reward. You can gain a lot of satisfaction from helping others too. Many of the most successful businesses help their communities by donating money or giving gifts. For example, you could sponsor a local children’s sports team. There are many ways your business could make a difference in your community, but in order to do that, your business has to meet its goals. What better motivation is there than having a positive effect on the people and groups in your community?

Your Lifestyle

A lack of motivation can sometimes be linked to lifestyle habits. Perhaps your low motivation levels are just low energy levels. It’s important to look at your lifestyle as well as what’s going on at work. Eating a health and balanced diet will help you to stay motivated during the busiest times. Getting regular exercise will also boost your energy levels when you want to tackle big projects at work. Studies have shown that taking just twenty minutes per day to meditate while at work can have a positive effect on productivity and motivation.

Build a Network

Being a business owner can often be a lonely existence. You have a role that not many of your employees will understand and if you work alone at home, you may not get much time to spend with other people. Engaging in conversation is a good way to stay motivated, so it’s wise to build a network of people you can rely on. Perhaps it will be people in the same sort of position as you, a business mentor or even just a few friends and your spouse. A network is meant for support when you need it.

Staying motivated is never easy but it is always worth it in the end.

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