If I won the lottery what would I do with the money...? @gymbunnymum

If I won the lottery… Do you ever have this conversation in your house?

I know for a fact the Teenager would want to spend, spend, spend. He always has a list of expensive items he’d buy but he does try to be a little bit sensible too like say he’d buy a house for us & his nan, then resorts straight back to what supercar he’d buy.

I think the first thing I’d do is book a holiday somewhere hot to chill out, relax and come to terms with winning, then think about what I wanted to spend all that money on!

If I won the lottery...

First up would definitely be a house. I wouldn’t want a mansion or anything too extravagant, your money would pretty much be gone if you did. I’d buy something big enough for our family, with a nice big garden and a huge kitchen. Somewhere you can have family & friends round, open the patio doors and spill out into the gorgeous garden.

It would have an amazing games room for Brandon and his friends to chill out, play pool or the Xbox and just be teenagers. Archie would have his own playroom and sensory area which we could use for his Autism therapy.

We’d also do what we could for our families, our kids, nieces and nephews would have money put away for when they were older.

If I won the lottery what would I do with the money...? @gymbunnymum

I’d expand my cake business, maybe buying a quaint little tearoom somewhere local, I’d love somewhere with a little workshop where my hubby could work away on reclaimed furniture and I could display my gorgeous cake designs on his up cycled welsh dressers and vintage furniture.

Then we’d definitely have to think about cars. The hubby would want something fast but not too flashy, I’d probably go a bit Cheshire Wives and get a white Range Rover Evoke.

We’d definitely want to do something for charity too, although I have no idea what we’d actually do.

After all the sensible things I think we’d need to have a bit of fun too, a holiday with all our family and kids. Somewhere we could enjoy ourselves, try new things and just really enjoy spending time together doing some amazing things.

Do you play the traditional lottery or online such as Multilotto? What would you spend it on if you won? 


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