So this month’s goals isn’t exactly starting off how I’d planned, it’s a week late! That doesn’t look too good does it but I’m still going to write and plan my goals for this month rather than just forget about them.
This month has been a pretty tough month, there’s a lot been going on in our family life that has totally distracted me from the blog. I’ve had to make my family my priority and even though the blog is my business I’ve had to take a little step back, but I’m ready to get back into writing again.

It’s so hard getting the balance right as a self employed blogger and a work from home mum but this #MumBoss is trying and for the most part succeeding!


As I haven’t been as active on the blog and social media my stats have fallen a little. Not enough to make me worry about it but enough to make me want to push harder again this month to get back on track. They are still a lot higher than they were back at the end of last year but I’m not one to settle.

The other main goal for the blog is to schedule content more rather than chasing my tail when it comes to writing blog posts. I’ll still be writing as & when ideas come to me but I just want to be more organised in when the posts go live rather than them being in clusters then no posts for a while.

Last month I wanted to have posts written and scheduled so I’m working at least a week ahead, that didn’t happen so it’s something I’m going to be working on these next few months, especially as I have a number of brand collaborations I’m working on.



My main focus this past month has been Facebook. It’s the one area I really struggle with. My posts just don’t seem to be getting much reach and it’s also one of my lowest figures in terms of followers too (so if you don’t already like the page, go do it now!)

I’ve been working hard to schedule and share content across my page, and to also share my Facebook posts into any relevant groups (don’t link dump & get spammy though!). This has really helped increase my reach, I’ve been hitting 12.5k people which is amazing!

I’ve increased my page likes by 163 last month which might not be much for some people but it’s my biggest month on month increase so I’m very happy. I’m aiming for a good increase this month too.


My weight has really fluctuated this month, it’s either been a small loss or a small gain each week which has meant I haven’t really lost anything this month. I’ve been sabotaging myself and not really stuck to the Slimming World plan so I’ve only got myself to blame.

This month I want to lose at least 6lbs. I’ve lost 2lbs this week so another three more weeks to go this month. I really need to think about what I’m eating rather than just mindlessly snacking. I have no problems with the actual meals meals as I write a meal plan every Monday for the week ahead, it’s just during the day I struggle with as I work from home. I need to get my snacking nailed and I’ll be back on track again.

I really need to get out of the habit of wearing leggings and jumpers so this will give me something to aim for. I am going to get out of my style rut and start planning my new wardrobe!

Do you set yourself goals? What are your goals for this month?

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