As a family we really struggle for activities and days out. Archie has Autism and doesn’t cope very well in lot’s of situations due to his sensory & developmental issues.

We’re normally the family other people look at, the family people tut at and shake their heads at. We’re the family that ‘can’t control our child’ when he’s having a meltdown. We’re the ones that feel so uncomfortable being in public places because ‘we’re disruptive’.

There’s been so much in the media recently about how parents shouldn’t be in public places such as cafes and restaurants with their children when they are tantruming and disrupting everyone else. We’re the parents that do our best to limit the disruption, not only for other people but for our gorgeous little boy. He can’t help his behaviour in some instances, he has an invisible disability and we get judged so much for it.

But not on his birthday weekend.

On his birthday weekend we took him to the Jump Nation Autism friendly session and it was amazing.

I can honestly say this is the first time we’ve been some where that we didn’t feel the need to apologise. Where we felt totally at ease, with no judgemental looks.

It was amazing for him. The sessions are designed specifically for those people on the autistic spectrum & their families to enjoy. It was quiet, with the number of children halved. There was no worry about Archie lost in the crowd or running off. We had no worries about how the other children would react to him and his speech issues.

The normal lights are on and the music turned down so there’s no worries about him getting over stimulated and overwhelmed.

We knew the other parents and carers were in the same position as us, there was no staring or judging over the kids behaviour. We could just give each other the knowing eye and a smile. For the first time in a long time I was at ease and relaxed. My boy could run and jump and spin to his heart’s content.

If you have a child on the spectrum then I cannot recommend the autism sessions enough. We had the best time and I’ll definitely be back again with Archie.

Even though we didn’t attend the regular session I know that would be great too. The set up of the trampolining arena is so much fun, I can imagine what it’s like when it’s full with the music pumping out. I bet our teenager would love going with his friends.

Take a look at the video below to see our morning at Jump Nation

Have you been to Jump Nation before? What did you think?

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