Since rebranding from Gym Bunny Mummy to This Mama last month, I’ve really fallen back in love with my blog again. I’m loving writing different posts and not been tied to one particular niche, although my main focus is still around family and food.
April was more about the rebrand and the name change then last month was all about pushing forward with the blog and my social media. This month is about getting focused on key areas rather than chasing my tail doing a little bit of everything.


The past few months have been incredible for the blog. My monthly stats doubled in the New Year and I’m now getting more than three times my monthly views than December. I’ve worked really hard on producing better content and promoting my blog posts a lot better and it’s really had a big effect.

Pinterest is still a huge source of traffic for me but after working on my SEO and key words Google is now my main referrer, finally!

I’ve been getting more focused on my content, looking at my popular posts and doing research around those subjects to see what else could work for the blog in order to drive traffic. I’ve been writing more useful content, searchable content such as how to’s and recipes.

This month I’m really going to work on these ideas and plan out lot’s of posts that will really help to build my blog and readership.

Now that I’m not restricted by my old blog name I’m writing more of what I want to write, but I still need to work on defining my niche. I need to figure out what my readers come to the blog for, what I want to offer and how I’m going to get that across.

Another main goal for the blog is to schedule content more rather than chasing my tail when it comes to writing blog posts. I’ll still be writing as & when ideas come to me but I just want to be more organised in when the posts go live rather than them being in clusters then no posts for a while. Ideally by the end of the month I’ll have posts written and scheduled so I’m working at least a week ahead.

My June Goals, blogging goals, social media goals and personal goals


Since December my social media stats have grown month on month but I’ve not been tracking them as such, just checking in to see how I’m doing. I’m going to get more focused on my social media following and keep a spreadsheet so I can clearly see how I’m doing.

Last month my focus was on Facebook. It’s the one area I really struggle with. My posts just don’t seem to be getting much reach and it’s also one of my lowest figures in terms of followers too (so if you don’t already like the page, go do it now!)

I’ve been working hard scheduling content and looking at my page insights to try and see what content works best and when. This month will be all about trial and error so I can work out the best schedule for my page to increase reach, engagement and likes. Last month I managed to increase by almost 100 likes, not massive I know but it’s moving in the right direction. This month I want at least another 100.

Another area I’m going to be looking at is Pinterest. Pinterest used to be my main referrer, Google search has finally taken over so that means I’m doing a lot better with my SEO and content but my Pinterest referrals have dropped slightly. So this month is about seeing what changes I can make to improve this.


Personally, I want to get back on track with my healthy eating and exercise. I’ve figured out I’m a bit of an emotional eater, and can tend to have a little binge when I need to cheer myself up. Instead of opening a bar of chocolate, I need to be looking at other ways to give myself a boost.

I joined a Slimming World group and did great for the first few weeks but with a lot going on personally in regards to family and our little man’s autism I’ve just lost the plot a little bit. Stress equals chocolate to me so with no sleep and the munchkin getting me up before 5am most mornings I’ve been snacking far too much.

I’m going to get focused again after today’s weigh in, draw a line under the snacking and start fresh. Next month I’ll be telling you about my amazing weightloss!

Do you set yourself goals? What are your goals for this month?

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