Babies are gorgeous and helpless and just lay there looking gorgeous in their Moses Basket, all wrapped in a beautiful blanket, smelling like talc. Then they start to grow, getting more destructive each day turning into mini terrorists, trying to find ways to burn the house down!
OK maybe not literally but oh my god there’s some situations where you can’t believe the house is still quite standing. It’s not too bad when they are little, you have the plug covers and the cupboard locks but then the little monkeys find other ways to scare you to death. Then eventually they begin to learn about danger and you can start to relax a bit.

We’re not quite at that stage yet. Our house has to be child proof more than most because of Archie’s Autism. My gorgeous little man just doesn’t understand danger like other children his age. Other four year old’s are starting to learn about safety where Archie has no clue. It’s not only the hidden dangers we need to look for, it’s everyday situations that poses the risks.

They are learning about crossing the road safely, waiting for the green man, looking left & right. Archie will just run. Even if cars are coming, he’s got no concept of danger. It’s terrifying to have to keep a vice like grip on your child’s harness when they are so strong they can pull you with them. It’s like trying to control a hyperactive rottweiler, such a struggle and it’s likely someone’s going to get hurt! This is why you should never judge the mum with the child that looks too big for the buggy. It’s not about laziness, it’s about keeping your child safe.

He can’t go up & down the stairs without supervision & support as he can’t judge his own steps. His little legs move faster than his body which doesn’t always end well even when he’s running on flat ground.

They  know they shouldn’t mess with plug sockets, whereas Archie just sees a hole to poke a toy in.

He can’t have a TV in his room as he gets excited by what’s on the screen and will  push & pull the TV. Or lick it, yep…

And don’t get me started on charger wires, they are the work of the devil. Either he’s trying to perform some kind of escapology act with one wrapped around him, or he’s using it as a weapon of mass destruction swinging it around his head.

Day to day life is stressful!

But in all seriousness, simple things can be so dangerous. There’s so many things around the house that you just don’t realise can be dangerous until something happens.

The kids might leave the phone or the tablet on the bed whilst charging, but this can be so dangerous and even cause fires. This video from Electrical Safety First shows just how easy it can happen and has really made me think twice. The teenager is never leaving anything anything on charge on his bed again!


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  1. August 11, 2017 / 9:31 am

    We should always keep our kids safe at home/house. It’s a must-do! Thank you for sharing this one. 🙂

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