It’s that time of year again. The skies are dark and grey, the weather has turned bleak and it feels like every time you go out, you get drenched. But it’s not all doom and gloom! At this time of year, the twinkly lights festoon the streets, warm mulled wine seems to be everywhere and there’s a real party spirit going on.

In fact, now is a great time to plan an epic party for you and all your friends and family to come together and enjoy yourselves. House parties were the best thing ever when you were a teenager and quite frankly, they are still the best night out/ in. Organise some food, get everyone to bring a bottle and create a punch it’s better to steer clear of – let’s party like it’s 1999!


It’s not a 90’s party until someone has cracked open some iced gems and dug a vienetta out of the freezer but there are some foods that are probably best left in the past – no one wants Billy Bear Ham. No one.

Put the basics out like bowls of crisps, sandwich quarters and a salad everyone will ignore but let your hair down a bit and get creative too. The cake is often the centre piece of every party table – how about a Buzz Lightyear Rocket cake to set the tone? Pretty much all the supermarkets are selling party foods right now anyway, so a selection of those will do you nicely. Just remember to hide the boxes before everyone arrives!


BYOB may not be a 90’s thing, but it will definitely capture the spirit you are going for. If you’re prepared to put a little bit of effort in, you should definitely mix up a Cosmo à la Sex and the City and serve in a classic martini glass. In fact, serve everything in a martini glass.

If you’re really going for it and hosting a big party why not invest in a beer fridge to keep everything cool? Sure, a big bucket of ice might be more ‘authentic’ but, really – we’re grown ups now… Just make sure that you provide plenty of soft drinks and mixers!


Remember when music was still good? The Spice Girls, S Club Seven, NSYNC, Madonna… All of the classic hits need to be on your 90s playlist for certain. Obviously, you will also have to put on the dance-along classics too like the Macarena and dust off those old vogueing moves too.

To get a really good playlist together, get everyone to add a couple of songs to the list – what they remember listening to will probably be a bit different to your choices so you should get a good mix.

This time of year is great for getting everyone together and reminiscing about the old times. The 90’s may not feel that long ago but those years have gone fast and to put it into perspective the kids born in 1999 are at uni now! Time to get funky.


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