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If you have a pre-conceived idea about what a mother’s life looks like? Well, then here’s how it should look like. I, being a mum of two kids and having one pet dog, find my life absolutely amazing with the right balance of work and play.

There isn’t one minute of boredom as you would always have something to do. From responsibility of the little one to taking care of the house and of course a bit of cooking. In between these, you will have plenty of time for yourself where you can easily indulge in a few recreational activities in the house itself.

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Indulging in something you love really does wonders in terms of lightening you up. So, take some time out from all your daily chores to do things you enjoy. Play with your kids or go out for a walk with your dog or even play some games- that instantly refreshes you and makes you livelier.


This Mama Blogs
This Mama Blogs

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