Being a blogger can bring some amazing opportunities and I’m very happy to be working with a gorgeous local beauty salon, Lush Nails & Beauty in Romiley, Stockport. It’s a stunning salon and the girls are amazing and really know their stuff!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the salon for HD Brows, something I’ve wanted for a while. I was a 80s kid so spending my teenage years through the 90s meant drastically over plucking the brows, if you grew up in the 90s then you’ll know exactly what I mean. HD Brows can’t replace the hairs but it can make a huge difference to the look & fullness of the brows.

Firstly I had my brows tinted, looking pretty extreme I know but it’s needed so that all the little fine, light hairs can be tinted so they can be used in the overall look. I can’t believe how much fuller my brows looked just after the tinting. Then came the waxing & threading, which actually wasn’t no where near as bad as I expected.

Now all the fine hairs actually look like they are a part of the brow and really improve the fullness. I can fill in the sparse areas with a pencil & brow powder without the ‘drawn on’ look. I’m so happy with how they look. I’ll definitely be going back again, especially as on each visit they’ll be able to keep working on the fullness and tinting all the fine, new hairs to achieve the look I want.

Have you had any eyebrow disasters that need the HD treatment?


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