We all know how hard getting out of bed is in the morning. In fact, this is such a problem in winter that many blogs will dedicate time to writing inspirational posts about attacking the day, and leaping out of bed in the winter mornings with gusto and spirit. While this is great and very important to keep in mind, we feel that there’s a lack of something being discussed in this instance.

What is that you ask? Well, we’d suggest that the indulgence of a beautiful weekend lie-in is being neglected. Of course, depending on your status as a parent, this might be affected in ways you may not control. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t develop your bed into one of the most comfortable places on Planet Earth. Sometimes sleeping well and properly is as easy and simple as making sure your bed is the literal embodiment of perfection.

If you’re looking for some sleep indulgence, you’re in the right place.


When was the last time you changed your mattress? If it’s been years, you may be due for an upgrade. Check out the offers near you, and potentially pick one up with an even higher comfort consideration. For example, could you foor the cost for a memory foam bed? If you do, you’ll be surprised at how you managed to sleep on any other surface. Could you stomach a water bed? If you can, then you’ll find your relaxation to be one of endless relaxing floating on a buoyant surface. No matter what you choose, this freshness can mean the world in helping you sleep easier.


How cluttered is your bed? Do you use it to hold folded clothes, your laptop and other items? Is it a faux-office, or somewhere you retire to when you have earned it. The clutter needn’t only be located in your bed for it to affect you. Sometimes, it’s important to keep on top of the entire picture to make sure that you’re working with the best room you have.

The sleeping experience is not simply the bed you sleep on, but the environment of the entire room. We’re not suggesting that you begin studying Feng Shui and allocating furniture placements depending on the spiritual flow of the room. But tidying up and making sure everything in its place can work wonders for your peace of mind. Storage beds can create extra room in your bedroom, providing you with a simple solution and a no-excuses approach to tidying up.

When you wake up in the morning to a fresh, clean and tidy bedroom, you will thank yourself for the effort.


Your bedroom is the one place you should feel completely at ease. As far as this goes, you should feel totally comfortable with relaxing and indulging in the decoration you truly love. Place warm fabric tapestries with peaceful patterns, home ornamentation as well as safety candle holders around the room. Place your smooth speaker system near your bed, and play comforting music or sounds as you drift off to sleep.

Remove the television from your room and instead place a small bookshelf next to your bed to improve your pre-sleep relaxation habits. Purchase and place Himalayan salt lamps to remove the excess electronic charge of your bedroom. You can always be sure that something more positive lies around the corner.


Purchase new bed linens and make them special for the winter period. Choose a pattern that you most like, preferable one with a relaxing design and warming colours. Make sure to wash these often and effectively in order to improve your sleeping hygiene and imbue your bedspread with that feeling of freshness. This will help you drift off to sleep much more cleanly.


Not all of us have the luxury of a quiet bedtime environment. Some of us must struggle with the difficulties of relaxing in a busy city, or next to a loud business such as a restaurant or bar. For this reason, purchasing memory foam earbuds can help you get off to sleep peaceful in your own little world. You can often purchase hundreds of pairs of these for a pennies each pair. This can help you drown out the extended noise of the outside world, and maybe the snoring of your partner. Simply place them by your bedside and pop a fresh pair in every night, making sure to clean your ears of excess sweat in the mornings.

With these tips, your sleeping experience is sure to be second to none.


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