Did you know that the human body is home to 100 billion nerve cells? These serve as operational managers for your brain, helping your body to move and respond to stimuli. More importantly, your nerves also inform your brain about the sensations that each part of your body experiences, from an itch to a sharp pain. Pain, while it is an unpleasant experience, is essential feedback that your body provides about its health in a particular situation. In other words, why you may sometimes wish that your nerves could stop keeping you informed of every little complaint, without this knowledge, you might not be able to avoid more serious illnesses. So how can you best listen to your pains and respond effectively to improve your life?


If you’re a stay-at-home mommy, or if you work from home, you’ve probably experienced the silent burden on your shoulders called loneliness. Don’t ignore it, as feeling lonely can impact on your creative and well-being. If you’re working from home, you may want to consider planning some collaboration with partners, even if you don’t meet physically,; you’ll have someone to chat to during the long days. For lonely mums, why not join your local mum for a cup of tea during the week? You can also plan more activities outside your home, such as working from a local coffee shop to be around people, or simply taking a walk through the park and meeting other people. Ultimately, loneliness can make you feel miserable and worthless, so it’s not safe to stay on your own!


Nobody likes stomach cramps. If you’ve been exercising lately, then you can expect the pain to go away from itself. But what if you experience the same cramps after each meal? Then you can’t just take a painkiller; you need to consider potential causes for your discomfort. According to, digestive pains tend to be related to irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS for short. While there is no treatment for it, identifying food that is good for you is the easiest remedy. What about a common complaint for women, the infamous PMS cramps. Cramps are unfortunately normal, even though not everyone experiences them. However, instead of painkiller, you can use heat therapy or exercise gently to stretch out the muscles.


If you work indoors and constantly experience headaches, it’s probably time to rethink your strategy before taking another aspirin. Indeed, over 15 million houses in the UK are affected by long-term exposure to chemical toxins. These toxins can lead to what is called Toxic Home Syndrome, in other words, a situation in which your home is making you sick. Headaches and coughing are common symptoms. Surprisingly enough, all it takes to improve your health is to ventilate your home more often. Open your windows at least once every few days to renew the air in your home, and grab yourself a few houseplants to help to purify it.


Suddenly the world feels dull, and you find yourself without any energy or motivation to do anything. Don’t just shrug it off, this odd reaction to the cold winter’s days is a SAD issue, also called seasonal affective disorder. According to, the disorder is linked to the absence of direct sunlight in winter. There is no real cure – unless you can afford to move to a tropical country during the winter months – but you can certainly take actions to reduce its negative effect on your life. Light therapy is a common solution. But simple things such as spending 30 minutes outside every day can improve your mood!


If you struggle with recurring knee pain, even though you’ve never had any injury to explain it, you may want to take a close look at your shoes. Indeed, wearing ill-fitted shoes can reduce your comfort of movement and increase pressure in the lower body. What are the worst shoes for your knees? Flip-flops, if they lack structure, can affect your stand and your muscles. High heels are the major cause of pain, especially if you have weak calf muscles as your knees will have to compensate. But don’t think flats are safe, as if they lack support, they can aggravate your knee issue. In other words, when picking your next pair of shoes, make sure to choose a pair that offers sufficient support and structure so that your body doesn’t have work harder to counterbalance.

It’s time to listen to your paints to be able to silence them for good!

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