Mermaid tails, the hot new trend? @gymbunnymum

When Hollywood picks a trend, it’s got to be significant. Britney Spears posed in a mermaid swimming costume with her two sons in August 2015. Other celebrities have joined the bandwagon with Kim Kardashian buying mermaid-themed toys at Toys ‘R’ Us. Miley Cyrus could have started the trend, having been spotted in her mermaid outfit in July 2015.

Well, the trend has also started to pick pace among us normals, with mermaid schools opening and expanding facilities to meet demand. Shows like “Mermaids: The New Evidence” and “Mermaids: The Body Found” on Animal Planet got an overwhelming 3.5 million views. So why are mermaid tails are such a hot trend?


Mermaids are a symbol of wild female power. This resonates with today’s alpha woman who believes that she can achieve anything. Sporting any outfit that has this powerful tail is synonymous to power. Any alpha female will love that.


It is very easy to relate with mermaids – they are half-human, have bad hair days and wear uncomfortable bras. Since many females identify with them, to some extent, donning the tail reminds you of this half-human character who lives in a complicated, dangerous world, under water, who has to be strong enough to survive.


Mermaids live in the ocean, swimming with dolphins (and other cool animals)
Mermaids live in a cool world. They see all the beautiful animals and plants in the ocean, which are a mystery for most of us. Better still, they get a chance to swim with dolphins, and sharks (hopefully they are not attacked).

Wearing the tail inspires you to get a scuba license and join the underwater dwellers – dolphins, sharks and mermaids. What better thing to experience than to swim with them in your mermaid outfit?


Mermaids are very mysterious beings. They open up a world of possibilities. We, being humans are curious to know how, for instance, they reproduce. Like a fish? Like a human?

There are endless possibilities regarding their existence. Science will explore that for us, and we will watch more shows on Animal Planet. Wearing mermaid tails does allow you share in that mystery, right?

Mermaid tails, the hot new trend? @gymbunnymum

The mermaid is seen as a protector of a people’s heritage and nature

In San Marcos, mermaids were a tourist attraction in the 90s. There was an amusement park where ladies dressed as mermaids had underwater performances. In this town, mermaids are making a comeback. There will be 10 seven-foot mermaid statues standing on their tails placed around the town, allowing people to interact and connect with them.

The people of San Marcos view mermaids as the protectors of their heritage and the river. Wearing mermaid tails is not a strange thing in this town. It is not a fashion trend. It is part of the history of the own. You may want to visit the town too, and interact with the mermaids while you are donned in your own mermaid outfit. As soon state legislation is passed, San Marcos is going to become the mermaid town.

They are many things to love about mermaids. They have a human part, physically, and in other aspects, too. They have bad hair days, live in a tough world, are a symbol of heritage (at least in San Marcos) and are full of mystery.

We can relate to them and spend time exploring mysteries surrounding them. Is it a wonder then that we want to don outfits that remind us of mermaids?


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