The half term holidays have been and gone and the kids are back in their routine at school. If they are anything like mine they will already be missing a couple of bits of uniform or need something replacing. The first week back one of Archie’s school t-shirt’s was completely ruined with red paint so I’ve had a few items to replace.

I’m so glad that I’ve still got plenty of name labels left from September to add onto his extra items.

What I love about the labels from My Name Label is that they are either iron on for clothing or stick on for the other items. I can remember when Brandon was little, having to spend ages stitching tiny little labels into little clothes. It drove me mad, even the mother in law ended up taking over and stitching a  few bits for me too.

Fast forward 10 years and thankfully it’s so much easier now. I was able to sort out all Archie’s uniform in now time. Plus the stickers were fab for all his extra bit. Archie goes to a special needs school so has so many extra items he needs.

He also needs help with his clothing and shoes so having them clearly marked for the teaching assistants has been a god send for them.

I’m particularly impressed with the stickers that go inside his school shoes. I expected them to either wear off or roll up but they still look just the same as they did on his first day of school.

Another advantage of the stick/iron labels for us is that the are smooth and fit flat to the clothing. Archie has some very complex sensory issues and labels, seams and tags can be horrendous for him. I’ve had no bother at all from him with using the labels from My Name Label.

He also loves that fact that I personalised them with dinosaurs. He’s got severe speech issues but can manage to say his favourite words of ‘di-so’ and ‘t-rec’ for dinosaur and T-Rex. Super, super cute!

We’ve used the labels on his school bags, lunch box and water bottle plus all his uniform and haven’t had to replace any. We’re so happy with the labels and will definitely going back to My Name Label when we need a new set for next year.


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