Lot’s of people make their New Year resolutions with all the best intentions, they want to make changes, get healthy, start the year fresh. But it doesn’t always work out quite that way, by the end of January most of them are forgotten or have given up. I know I’ve done it most years too!
I love going to the gym but life has just gotten in the way recently, there’s always something else that needs doing. Rather than taking the time out for me, I’ve been busy working, running around after the kids, doing all the little jobs that need doing but one thing that I really need to think about is my pelvic floor exercises.

It’s one of those things as a mum we know we should do but don’t really know much about. Before my spinal surgery in 2015, due to a crushed root nerve, I lost the sensation in my left leg. Along with that came bladder weakness, hence why my surgery was urgent and totally unexpected.

Even after all this, doing my pelvic floor exercises was eventually forgotten about until Tena sent me a lovely ‘New Year, Healthy You’ hamper full of lot’s of goodies to help kickstart me back into the routine of doing them. I’ve also downloaded the My Pelvic Floor Fitness app which gives lot’s of useful information, such as why & how you should be doing them.

  • Professional tutorial video, from Liza Webb, explaining the best and most effective way to practice your pelvic floor exercises to ensure results
  • Easy to follow exercises practised and taught by professional Pilates instructors
  • Progress tracking feature allowing you to monitor your improvement in muscle tone and control
  • Optional daily reminders, pre-set by you to a time that suits your routine and fits in with your life style

So will you be giving the app a go?

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