As a mama, there's so many things you were never told about, or make that warned about!

As a mama, there’s so many things you were never told about, or make that warned about!

No one told me about having to wrestle a small child, with the strength of a grown man and the dexterity of an octopus, just to try and trim his nails.

No one told me that I would never be able to go to the loo by myself EVER again, or get a bath, or shower without an audience, or actually have any privacy at all.

No one told me that if I ever wanted to eat a piece of chocolate without little hands trying to steal I’d have to hide in the pantry ‘looking for something’.

And no one told me that I would have to cross my legs every time I bloody sneeze!

All joking aside though, I kind of knew about pelvic floor exercises and bladder weakness after kids but just didn’t realise how much it can affect you, and for how long after giving birth.

I thought it was something that could happen whilst pregnant due to baba pressing on the bladder etc. I had no idea it could affect you when exercising, laughing, sneezing and pretty much anything that involves movement!

I was recently invited to a blogger bootcamp at Champney Springs by the lovely ladies at Tena to find out more about Lights by Tena and how they can help us mamas feel like our old selves again, not be worried or embarrassed by any little leaks.

So many mamas are using the wrong product for light bladder weakness, they may be using sanitary towels that just can’t handle the extra flow of liquid which can make you even more self conscious. The Lights by Tena range are specially designed for your #ooopsmoment, they are designed to be thinner, softer, more flexible to give you complete  comfort & discretion.

After chatting with other bloggers and the ladies from Tena about our #ooopsmoments and finding out more about the product we were then whisked off to start our Circuit Training. Even though I loved it, it was hard work and was exactly the kind of exercise that so many women avoid due to feeling nervous about having any accidents.

tena-lights-blogger-event-4 tena-lights-blogger-event-1 tena-lights-blogger-event-3 tena-lights-blogger-event-2

After being thrashed by the gym instructor we had an hour of outdoors yoga to look forward to. Champney Springs is such a beautiful setting, yoga in the sun by the lake was stunning.

And finally we were ready for some relaxation and we pampered with a back massage. The massage was amazing, not quite relaxation for me as my muscles were so tense. The poor girl had to pummel my back to remove the knots but I felt incredible afterwards.

It’s such a shame that so many women avoid doing all these fun activities for fear of embarrassment or accidents. Just pop a Lights by Tena in your pants and get on with enjoying your life ladies, we’ve got so many other things to worry about. Don’t let a little bladder weakness stop you.



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  1. October 17, 2016 / 5:17 pm

    Great post and great pictures! 🙂 xx

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