It's nearing Christmas and I'm getting organised in all areas ready for the New Year. I'm writing down all my November goals and how I'm going to achieve them, from blogging goals to personal goals

It’s the 1st November so we can finally start to say the ‘C’ word. Christmas and the New Year are going to be here before we know it so I’m getting organised.

Most of my Christmas shopping is already done, I’m completely on a roll this year but I need to get organised in other areas too so I’m setting myself some monthly goals. These are personal, household & blogging goals which I’m hoping will keep me focused and on track, as well as less stressed!


For November I really want to get my blog design to a place where I’m happy with it. I’m already half way there as I’ve bought & installed a new theme, but I still need to do some tidying up of the overall look.

I need to streamline my sidebar as it was starting to get cluttered and choose the elements I want to feature, rather than simply adding extra sections hat don’t bring any extra value to my blog. I’m going to be including widgets to the social areas I want to build such as Facebook & Youtube and give them extra prominence.

I’ve redesigned my logo recently but its still not quite where I want it to be. Once I’m happy with my blog design & layout then I’m going to create a new logo that really suits the theme and give the blog a whole new look ready to go into 2017.

My November goals & how I'm going to achieve them


I’ve been really working on Instagram & Pinterest lately and have really seen a great payoff. I’ve written about the three basics that can boost your Instagram and I’ve seen both an increase in followers & likes which has been amazing.

Over on Pinterest I’ve finally figured out the easy way to set up Rich Pins and have had a huge increase in traffic from Pinterest. I probably get around 60% of my monthly traffic from Pinterest. I’ve been consistently getting around 250 views a day just from one Pin, plus the views from other pins too!

Next I want to focus on YouTube and Facebook. I’ve recently set up a YouTube channel (go subscribe & watch my videos!), so I want to start building my content & subscribers over there. At the moment it’s been more reviews and hauls whilst I was building up some confidence in front of the camera. Now I’m feeling more comfortable filming myself & talking to the camera I’m going to move more into vlogging too.

For November I want to upload at least one vlog a week, then moving onto a regular schedule of video uploads. Hopefully by building good content on my channel this will also increase my subscribers and likes.

Over on Facebook I’ve managed to steadily climb to 882 likes, I want to hit 900 by the end of November. It’s not a massive jump but Facebook is the one where I’ve really struggled to build my engagement and likes so that’s going to be a focus this month.

I’m going to be scheduling Facebook content to increase my reach and using the analytics to see what works and what types of content I should be concentrating on.

It's nearing Christmas and I'm getting organised in all areas ready for the New Year. I'm writing down all my November goals and how I'm going to achieve them, from blogging goals to personal goals



Number one in my personal life is too start loosing some of the weight I put on since my spinal operation last year. It took me a long time to recover and get my mobility back. I don’t have full feeling back in leg yet but the pain has started to really subside so I can focus on working out again.

I’ve been to a few spinning classes last month and really enjoyed it so I’ll be spinning once a week along with trying to get to another gym class plus at least another workout in the gym.

I want to lose 1.5 stone before our holiday in April to get back to my weight prior to my operation so it’s definitely doable as long as I stick to eating well and working out.

And my final goal is to get the kitchen completely finished by the end of the month. At first we were going to give it a little make over but then decided to give it a full overhaul. We’re not replacing the cabinets but the doors are being changed, we’re re-tiling, redecorating, wallpapering, replacing the skirting board & door frames and upcycling a Welsh Dresser & sideboard so a pretty big job that we can only really work on at weekends.

So that’s all my goals for this month, I feel like I’ve written a lot but I think it’s all achievable especially now it’s there in black & white. There’s definitely something about writing your goals down that gives you focus & determination.

What are your goals for this month? What do you want to achieve?

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  1. November 1, 2016 / 1:32 pm

    Wow, you get so much traffic from Pinterest! I really need to set up those rich pins..
    I also need to work on my logo and my plan is to finalise a logo brief this week and have it done by end of the month.
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