Nium Noms Series 2 Advent box

What is it about little collectables that kids go cray cray for? Archie absolutely loves Num Noms so was so excited to get his Num Noms Advent box from Mr Post Man.

We received a huge box full of wrapped goodies, one for each day leading up to Christmas. They were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper but Archie didn’t care about that, he just tore straight into them.

For a little boy with Autism who really struggles with speech, it was amazing to hear him shout ‘Num Noms’ when he opened the parcel and found them inside. I’m so glad that I decided to vlog this rather simply blog as I’m so happy to have captured that moment on film. For a mum that barely hears a word from her little boy it was incredible!

Watch our Num Noms unboxing video below to see which Num Noms we’ve had so far, and of course to hear my little super star trying his hardest to get his words out.


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