Did you know that small businesses are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks? In fact, half of most cyber attacks target small businesses, and that includes home businesses with a sole entrepreneur. The main reason why this happens is that we all hear about huge data breaks and forget that not all cybercriminals start by taking off the Pentagon security. In fact, they develop their skills by working on smaller projects, like you and me if we both own independent businesses. If you remember the recent NHS hack that was demanding a ransom to free entire IT system, that’s exactly what a typical hacking case looks like for your small company. More importantly, cybercriminals target your business with the intention of reaching out to others through your network. So, what can you do when you’ve been targeted?


For a start, let’s be honest: small businesses encounter a lot of IT challenges because they tend to invest less in their IT structure management. We have an excellent reason to do so, and it’s called budget! However, according to Samsung Electronics, the lack of investment in IT structure slows productivity down and presents a serious obstacle to business growth. More importantly, the more we save money on IT, the more time we waste on IT obstacles, whether these are benign or more severe such as hacking.


Your first action is to set your emergency action plan. You need to start by informing your clients, partners, and colleagues of the situation, especially if there’s a risk that their data might have been compromised. Depending on the web platform you’re using, you may be able to get an emergency support helpline, such as the WordPress Support Specialists, who can help if your website has been attacked by hackers. They’re hyper-reactive and can get you running in 2 hours’ time if it’s a small issue!


For most small entrepreneurs, hacking acts as a wake-up call to prepare a long-term strategy with the help of specialist IT support services. On the principle that the best protection is prevention, relying on an expert to handle your IT security and network can save you a lot of troubles in future, from not missing out on any update to staying on top of digital cybersecurity. Your business is too precious not to protect it against cybercriminals.


One last word before we call it a day, though. Getting hacked is tough, but there’s no point feeling constantly overwhelmed at the thought that it has happened to you. Just learn from your mistakes and take control of your own actions. When it comes to digital security, the best course of action is to let professionals handle the issues, while you can focus on your day-to-day work, one little step at a time. Yes, it’s stressful. But does anxiety make you work better? Instead, focus on what you can do and let hackers become bygones in the hand of an IT supplier.

In short, being hacked is not the end of your business. It’s an obstacle that can be handled with the right support and the proper response. After all, sh*t happens. All you can do is learn the lesson to be better prepared next time!

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