Our weekly meal plan, planning healthy, slimming world friendly meals for the family @gymbunnymum

No takeaways last week even though the teenager had a kebab on Friday night whilst the hubby was out I stayed strong and didn’t indulge and stuck to the weekly meal plan. We did go out for lunch on Friday afternoon though as the hubby was off work but I went for a Wagyu Steak burger & sweet potato fries so better than a regular greasy burger & chips.

This week we’re continuing with low fat, high protein meals


Archie’s still off school this week so I won’t be able to get to the gym in the mornings so I’ll be sticking with healthy protein smoothies or overnight oats.


Now the sun’s out and it’s been feeling much warmer this week will be featuring lot’s of salads or jacket potatoes.


  • Salmon & broccoli risotto
  • Pork steaks with steamed veg
  • Paprika spiced chicken breast with tenderstem broccoli & savoy cabbage
  • Chicken & leek pasta bake
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Massaman curry & rice
  • Proper butchers pork sausage & mash

Do you meal plan or think it will be something you want to start? I’ve definitely started spending less on food shopping since I started buying exactly what what we need.



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