I’m a mama to a teenager & a toddler, then throw in a dog and a hubby with a work uniform and it’ll be no surprise that our washing machine is constantly on, even though I never actually seem to get to the bottom of the laundry basket!
I like to think I’m a bit of a domestic goddess but with working from home and a little man with additional needs this mama has got her hands full, so I want convenience, I want quick & easy and I want products that actually work.


Launching this summer, NEW Persil Powergems offers a revolutionary and unique laundry experience, and I’ve had the chance to try them out for myself, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed.

These magical gems contain 100% active ingredients and disperse in your drum throughout the entire wash cycle, providing Persil’s ultimate washing experience. I love that Persil Powergems is able to provide triple action power of stain removal, care and long lasting freshness in one small concentrated dose.

They are so different to what I’m normally used to, they are like little flakes rather than a capsule or powder. I was a bit worried about Archie getting his hands on them but glad they have a safety top underneath which really makes a different. I was always so worried about Archie getting hold of the old laundry capsules thinking they are sweeties, and with a child with special needs you can’t simply explain that they shouldn’t put things in their mouth.


I’m loving using the new Powergems, they have been amazing at shifting stubborn stains.

Archie loves us going out for long walks with the dog but they get themselves into some situations. Any country walk means grass stains, rolling about, climbing and muddy puddles. So not only are the clothes filthy but so are the towels we use to clean up the dog before getting him into the car. I’ve had no problems getting the marks out so I don’t have to worry about the states they get themselves into.

I can be very wary about changing our laundry detergent as both the hubby & Archie have eczema, but as we’re already Persil users I was hoping the new Persil Powergems wouldn’t be a problem for their skin and it wasn’t. The hubby normally notices straight away if I change but he didn’t notice at all which meant it was gentle and caring for their sensitive skin.

Oh and the scent, I love it. It’s so fresh and clean. Persil Bio Powergems uses fragrance release technology to provide an enhanced fragrance experience. This technology allows the unique and fragrant notes of Persil Powergems to remain on fabric for longer. As movement is made, bursts of the fragrance will be released to give you longer lasting freshness with every wash. You can really tell when you get into a freshly made bed, he scent really hits you.

I’ll definitely adding Persil Powergems to my shopping list from now on!




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