I’ll admit it right now, my beauty budget does not stretch to Fenty prices, I’m definitely more of a drugstore or High Street kinda girl.

I‘ve got a mortgage & kids to feed, I love the look of Fenty Beauty but I’m not going to bankrupt myself for some make up no matter how pretty it looks. So when I spotted on Instagram that people are comparing the latest range from Primark to Fenty it definitely grabbed my attention.

I’ve seen the video on PRIMARK’S insta & the packaging looks so similar! People have been going crazy in the comments, writing things like, “Oh my god this is such a Fenty rip off” and “Fenty for us poor peeps.” So it really is looking like a total Primark Fenty dupe.

The Pure Line, which includes lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, primers, illuminating drops, pigment pots and contouring palettes, bears a striking resemblance to Fenty. The packaging of its powder highlighters mimics the high-end brand’s signature octagonal compacts – but while Fenty’s cult Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter costs £26, Primark’s Pure Gold version comes in at just £3.

The geometric shapes are also replicated across Pure’s Eyeshadow Palette (£4) and Contour and Highlight Palette (£4). Even the fonts on the packaging are similar, and right down to the embossed ‘Pure’ logo on the powders, the resemblance is hard to ignore.

Since its 2017 launch, Fenty has taken the concept of cult buys to a whole new level, with millions of hardcore fans obsessed with getting that RiRi glow. So many fans feel the products are worth every penny so I’m sure Fenty lovers won’t turn their backs on their beloved brand, but if you’re a bit skint like me then Pure is worth a try.

I’m definitely getting my backside to Primark to have a look at the range myself, no doubt ending up with another Primark make up haul!

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