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We’re super lucky at This Mama… as we get to review some amazing products, especially Archie, he gets the best of the bunch this one so he was very happy when his new Read With Me Scout arrived in the post.
Most of my regular readers will now that Archie has Autism & a significant speech delay, so we’re constantly on the look out for anything that can help with his therapy and learning. That’s why I was happy to write this Read With Me Scout Review as I knew it was something that was perfect for us as parents to use with him and for Archie as an educational toy.

Archie doesn’t play in the typical way, he likes to sort, arrange and line up his toys rather than actually interact with them. We’re working really hard to try and encourage him to play and the Read With Me Scout really helps with that.

Alongside Archie’s developmental issues he also has sensory processing difficulties meaning a lot of textures and sounds really distress him, but likewise some textures and sounds really meet his sensory needs, especially soft textures like teddies. As Scout is a soft toy, in a bright colour we knew that would catch Archie’s attention straight away and help to engage him.

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Read With Me Scout is an interactive soft toy from LeapFrog for ages 2-5. It makes reading fun with five interactive books. You can pet, pat or hug Scout for active learning.

From reading aloud to reading along, Read With Me Scout reflects best practices in early reading instruction that help your child develop important language and comprehension skills critical for success in pre school and beyond


As a parent, I love that it makes reading so engaging. It’s not about sitting down and making the child it’s about enjoying the experience and making it fun. For us, as parents of a child with additional needs, anything that helps our boy experience language and learning in a way that really suits him is amazing.

I also love that there’s five different books so that we can change the stories and there’s different things to read and learn. The books are colour coded to the buttons on his collar so it’s easy for children to match the books with the colours and numbers.

There’s so many different features that the child can explore, such a patting his head, touching his cheeks and pressing his paws for different songs and phrases.


Archie just loves squeezing him, pretty much getting him in a headlock! Whilst he’s not at the stage where he will sit and ‘read’ the books he loves pressing the buttons to hear him tell a story and sing his songs.

It’s amazing to see Archie interact with a toy and actually want to play with it, rather than just organise or line them up like he does his beloved dinosaur toys. There’s no photos of Archie playing I’m afraid as I just couldn’t get him to sit for me.

I’m so glad we got to review Scout, I’m sure Archie will love him for a few more years to come.

Which is your little one’s favourite toy? Would they love Read With Me Scout?



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  1. June 2, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Awe, my little guy got this for his birthday and the dog ate it the next day so we never really got to enjoy it. As well my 2 1/2 year old is also speech delayed so anything that can encourage his speaking and is fun is important. Perhaps I need to get him another Scout!

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