Oh My God, how much do you love my new trainers? They are bloody gorgeous!

Since getting serious at the gym I’ve needed some new trainers that are appropriate for both in the gym and my gym classes but being completely skint I’ve just not been able to justify spending a fortune of a pair. However these little babies only cost me £39.99.

I’ve got to admit I didn’t do too much research before I went to buy them but I knew Nike Air Relentless were a good running shoe & all rounder so when I went into Sports Direct and saw these for such a low price I knew they were the ones (the bright pink & blue had nothing to do with my decision at all *ok it did sway me a little*). I’ve had a lot of wear out of these this past week and have got to say I’m loving them so far. Not only because they look fab but because they have been great across a range of activities. I walk at least two miles a day, most days its more like three or four, as we have a dog and a toddler so its the perfect excuse to get some exercise in during the day when I’m home with the Little Man (I also run a business from home so don’t get out much!). They were a little tight across the top of my foot the first time I went out walking but this didn’t last long at all.

I do various different gym classes, two of them being Yoga & Pilates so I’ve obviously not worn tried them out in these classes but I also do HIIT and Legs, Bums & Tums which focuses mainly around squats and lunges with weights (my absolute fav class by the way) . I’ve found them to be really supportive of my feet, especially when we are using the Step for squats & lunges. They’ve got a great grip on the rubber sole too which firmly plant your feet in place so no sliding about on those lunges. They are so comfy under the foot, the cushioning is great, so far I’ve had no pain in the balls or heel of my feet when pounding the treadmill, plus I think they give me a little extra bounce when I’m running. I definitely find it easier to run in these trainers, my legs used to tire quite easily so I’d give up & walk for a while but I think the Nike Air cushioning & the light weight feel just help my legs & feet go further.

I just love them so much and am soo happy with my budget friendly buy.

What are your favourite trainers? Which ones would you recommend I save up for next?

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