After feeling pretty rubbish lately, both physically & emotionally, a whole body detox seemed to be the kickstart that I needed. I’ve put on weight recently and have been getting really bloated, this is me after a sandwich not pregnant!

Monkey’s 7 day whole body M-Detox and cleanse has been specially formulated to give your body the ultimate clean out; ridding your entire system of harmful toxins that have accumulated as a result of a modern diet and excess alcohol consumption, this sounded like exactly what my body needed.

To be completely honest I was a little shocked at the amount of capsules you have to take daily, and the first time taking them was a little bit of a struggle. It’s not that they are hard to swallow but you do have to drink down a lot of water in one go to take them all so for the first couple of days I gave myself a few seconds break between taking them and that seemed to do the trick. By the end of the seven days it was no problem taking them at all.

Throughout the week my digestive system was definitely getting a clear out, I normally only go to the loo once or twice a week but I was going a few times a day! It’s a hard feeling to describe but instead of feeling heavy & sluggish, my stomach felt lighter, there was none of the usual cramping or bloating I get. I even started feeling the benefits a couple of days in.

Throughout the week you are advised to reduce the amount of exercise you do as your body is cleansing so you may feel tired but I actually felt fine. I didn’t go to the gym that week and I still lost a whopping 6 pounds!!! My diet didn’t change much from my usual week, with the exception of cutting out bread which I’m continuing, and cutting out meat due to the additional toxins you’d be putting back into your body. I have now resorted back to eating meat but I only eat lean white meats and fish anyway.

I’m so glad I did the M-Detox, it gave me the little boost that I needed to drop a few extra pounds but also it’s helped change my mindset. I want to continue the good work and eat healthily, there’s no point wasting a weeks detox to start snacking & eating rubbish again!

Have you done a detox before? How did you find it?

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