I‘ve never been a fan of vitamin drinks as they are usually full of sugar but More Vitamin drinks are totally different and actually contain no added sugar, with the maximum amount of natural sugars being only 0.5g and they are low calorie (around 6cal). Taste wise they’re are really refreshing, very lightly sparkly with a hint of fruit, yummy and no bloating due to over fizziness (is that even a word?) like soft drinks.

I’m a big fan of citrus flavours so my favourite by far was surprise, surprise the citrus flavour which has hints of both lemon & lime, this was the flavour I went straight to after a hitting the gym.

The orange was second in line for me, again a really light drink and refreshing.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the blackberry & blueberry but blueberry is not for me, I’m just no that into it. The Teenager loved this flavour though, it was his favourite and he drank both bottles we had.

There were other flavours in the range that I didn’t get to try as he was taking them to school with him. He really liked the Apple & Raspberry B Vitamin and the Mango & Passionfruit D Vitamin, so you get the idea that they were definitely well enjoyed.

At £1.45 they are too expensive to be a regular in my shopping trolley but if I’m ever just picking up a quick drink or if they are on special offer then I’ll definitely be choosing these over Coke etc any day!

*PR Samples, thoughts my own


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