Laminate flooring is such a popular choice in modern homes. Everyone loves how it looks, and it can really liven up any room or hallway. There are loads of benefits of this flooring; it’s easy to clean and maintain, it looks gorgeous, and it’s fairly easy to install too.

However, with the pros come the cons, and there are a few things that make some homeowners sceptical about this flooring option. Normally most complaints are that laminate flooring is too cold, it’s hard to repair when cracked or broken, and that it’s slippery to walk on. But, when you take a look at each negative, you quickly find there are some answers out there to help solve these problems.


Cold laminate flooring is easily fixed by doing one simple thing. All you have to do is stick some underlay for laminate flooring underneath it. It’s explained on the Factory Direct Flooring website that underlay can help improve heat retention in the flooring and act as insulation. This should help stop the floor from feeling absolutely freezing every time you step on it with no socks on. It’s very simple to do, and can easily be installed as you’re installing the flooring itself. You can get adhesive strips of underlay that are ready to stick underneath the flooring and onto your subflooring. This creates a protective barrier that will help insulate your floor and stop it from feeling like an ice rink.


Speaking of ice rinks, one of the major problems for some homeowners is the slipperiness of their laminate flooring. Due to its polished and sleek finish, walking on this floor can be dangerous when you’re wearing socks. Many people slip and fall on this floor, and it’s a potential hazard for small children too. How can you solve this? Well, by making the floor warmer you eliminate the need for socks, which is part of the reason the floor is so slippery. When you walk barefoot, it’s much harder to slip. Another idea is to get slipper socks with a grip on the bottom to stop you slipping over, or just wear slippers too. I would suggest wearing shoes, but that means you run the risk of making the floor dirty.


The solution to this problem is simple; don’t give your flooring a reason to need repairing! Be careful and avoid dropping things on the floor or wearing clunky shoes or heels that can create scratches. You could also refer to the first point as underlay helps improve the durability of your floor. Thus, it’s less likely to break!

The three main disadvantages of laminate flooring can easily be addressed if you’re a little bit clever. So, are you still sceptical about it? I’m not saying you should definitely buy some, but I do think it adds something special to your home. Plus, I read an article on The Spruce that said laminate flooring is much cheaper to install than some other hardwood floor options, so it’s a cost-effective option for you!

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