Archie absolutely loves sea creatures, he has so many little plastic toys of whales, sharks and other sea animals. He’s constantly watching Youtube videos on sea creatures, he’s obsessed! So we knew he would love SEA LIFE Manchester at the Trafford Centre.
We were a bit nervous about taking him because of his Autism. He gets overwhelmed in busy, noisy places and can get really upset but given how much he loves sea animals we wanted to give it try at least.

As soon as we arrived there he got so excited just seeing the graphics on the window, he has limited speech but was shouting sea am-mals so we knew we’d make the right decision to bring him.

Thankfully there wasn’t much of a queue, as Archie struggles with waiting, he just doesn’t understand. But we’d definitely timed it right by going on a Sunday before the first day of half term on the Monday when it was quieter. From the main entrance we had to wait in a ‘holding’ area before we could go through to a talk about sea turtles before heading through to the main exhibition.

The talk was interactive with turtles being projected onto a beach whilst the story was told. The kids loved spotting the baby turtles making their way down to ‘the beach’.

SEA LIFE Manchester has a brand new prehistoric exhibition that Archie absolutely loved. We didn’t really get much chance to look at it properly as it was busy with lot’s of children crowded round, but also because Archie was just so excited he was darting about looking at different things.

But it looked amazing, with lots of different things to see. There were children asking lots of questions to the staff member who seemed to really know her stuff.

After seeing the sharks through the walk through tunnel he was loving the part about ancient sharks. Archie & Daddy found a quiet corner where they could look at the pictures and find out more about the history of sharks. He was so engrossed in it all, the change in lighting made it so dramatic and really drew him into the different sections.

We really loved being able to get up so close to the animals. The tunnel was so much fun, being able to see the fishes swim right past your face. All the kids and most of the adults were ooohing & aahhing at the animals, pointing out the colourful fish.

One of Archie’s favourite parts was the open tanks, where you could really see into the water, and even put your hands in to see the starfish & crabs. He thought it was amazing that he could put his fingers in but he was too scared to actually touch anything.

For us, it was all over too quickly, partly because Archie couldn’t really hold his attention due to his Autism and just ran through each section without us being able to take our time to look at everything. But partly because it was so much fun.

We would love to come back when it’s quieter to be able to really see everything, as there were a lot of people in the centre. Plus we didn’t get a chance to go into the soft play area as that ws quite small and very crowded but we did have a fab day.

I’ve also filmed a little vlog of the day so you can see for yourself. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel for lot’s more family vlogs.

*We were given tickets in exchange for this honest review

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