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For every article that tells you that you should eat the latest and greatest in berries and lettuce to preserve your body, there’s another one that tells you that you should embrace life, live with the spare tyre and enjoy that wine. After all, you only get one shot at life – you may as well enjoy it. But which one is correct?

The truth here is that neither are correct. You can live a clean life, eat a clean diet and spend your spare time working out and knocking back joint care vitamins. You could do all that, but you still age. You still feel the effects of age. You still may need the best elderly care money could buy because those fruits that promised you that you wouldn’t ever experience Alzheimer’s lied to you. You could also swing the other way entirely, and ignore health warnings. You could smoke, drink and dance the night away until your heart’s content. Round it up with a nightly kebab and you’re the epitome of unhealthy. That extra weight? That’s just insulation!

Life is all about finding a balance and that includes your health. Magazines, social media and billboards are fuelled by the idea that we must indulge in self-preservation. We have to use the best lotions and potions on the market to get rid of wrinkles, reduce cellulite and magically make stretch marks disappear. While you’re at it, get the best cover-up makeup you can find and keep yourself looking as young as possible. The good thing? There is a way to find a balance around all of the social stigma and just enjoy living healthily and all it takes is the want to live life to its fullest.

Self-preservation is so much more than the creams and eyeliners in the world. It’s keeping a sense of confidence and self as you continue on your way through life while looking after your own well being. No one wants to end up sitting and feeling regret for the way that they lived their life, so if you spend time ensuring that you keep a good balance, you’re preserving your health while at the same time embracing the future and the ability to age. There are plenty of people out there who do not get that chance. If you one day have nurses visit you to assist you because your joints aren’t what they once were, it’s not a failure, it’s a mark of a lived life!

Eating healthily 80% of the time, keeping as active as possible and making sure your body has the right vitamins are all ways you can ensure that you keep your body preserved. Don’t say no to that small glass of wine. Don’t turn down the night of dancing that ends in a kebab. As long as that’s not how you live your life, you can be sure that you have the balance correct. Enjoy yourself without self-destruction and you can see that self-preservation is absolutely worth what you think it is.

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