If you thought that you had clutter before you became a mama, you’ll be shocked by the amount of clutter that you have after you’ve added little ones to your brood. The fact is that parenting comes with a lot of perks, but there are also a range of downsides that come with parenthood, one of which is the amount of stuff that your little ones need, which can result in you living in a house packed with clutter.

The good news is that when it comes to your family home, clutter doesn’t have to be an issue – the answer is simply to upgrade the storage that your home has in place. Not sure how to do that? Below are some tips and ideas for ways in which you can take advantage of storage space to ensure that your home doesn’t become cluttered.

For all of the best mama-friendly storage hacks, read on!


While chest of drawers do offer good storage space, nothing beats a wardrobe for storage, that’s why it’s so essential that your home has wardrobes in every bedroom. The best wardrobe option is, of course, built-in wardrobes as these offer fantastic amounts of space and are built into the structure of the room. However, if these aren’t an option for one reason or another, then purchasing stand-alone wardrobes for each room is the next best option, such as Rauch wardrobes. When selecting a wardrobe design, make sure to carefully measure the space and compare that space to the size of the wardrobe, to ensure that you don’t pick a design that doesn’t fit the space.


Did you know that the top five inches of any room is the space that gets the least use? Well, why waste this space – if your family home lacks storage space, why not take advantage of this area? A simple way to utilise this space is to add shelves to just below the ceiling of each room – these can be used for storing everything and anything, from clothes to books. Just make sure to avoid placing shelving directly over beds and areas where you and your family sit, in case anything should fall off and hit you or your child on the head.


If you have a vacuum cleaner and storage spaces that aren’t visible, why not take full advantage of them by using vacuum packing bags? These bags are incredible for storing clothes, toys, and bedding that doesn’t get used every day, as with the help of a vacuum cleaner they reduce the size of the items being stored by around 30%. This can have a big impact on the amount that you can store in each storage space.

When you become a mama, your priorities change – life becomes about making sure that your little ones get the best start in life possible. Part of doing that means purchasing a range of new items, which often end up taking up a lot of space. Luckily, the hacks above – and additional ones that you can find online – can help to make managing your clutter and being more organised far easier and less stressful.

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