Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options

Each week I’ve been writing our Slimming World friendly meal plan and sharing them on the blog, I’m loving that we can have really varied meals, including cheese, rice & pasta and other things that are normally off the menu on typical ‘diets’
The past few week’s haven’t been great food-wise. We’ve had lot’s of birthdays & meals out so I haven’t really stuck to the plan and have gained about three pounds. We go on holiday at Easter so I need to get into it and start eating properly again.

I’m still struggling a bit with my lunch, trying to find quick and easy meals that are not too heavy. We buy our meat in bulk from Muscle Food (use code TK551294 to get some extra freebies in your order) as everything is really low fat and virtually syn free (have a nosy at the videos below). When bagging up the meat portions for our meals I’ve also made sure I have portions ready to take out of the freezer for my lunch too, instead of grabbing something quick out of the pantry and having too many syns.

I’ve even started doing more batch cooking. I’ll bulk out the evening meal with extra veg, for example if we’re have spag bol I’ll all courgettes, chunkt tomatoes & onions then there’s still plenty left for lunch. I’ve even started par boiling spare veg at the end of the week and freezing in portions to add to easy lunches.

Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options


Breakfast has been pretty easy. I’ve been having a Muller light with fruit most days. I really didn’t think this would fill me up but if I’m still peckish I’ll just add more fruit to increase my Speed Foods.

On the mornings when I’m starving, or going to the gym I’ll have something a bit more substantial like scrambled eggs & spinach instead. I never used to really like the texture of spinach but shredding it first makes a difference for me.


This is the one I’ve struggled with. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bothering to cook just for myself, and as I work from home I’ll tend to just snack throughout the day. I’m making sure I have lot’s of lunch options that are super quick, plus lot’s of leftovers in the freezer ready to microwave.


I normally use my Healthy Extra A for my milk for my cups of teas so will include all the syns for the meals below

    • Muscle Food Meatballs and homemade pasta sauce (1/2 Syn per two meatballs)
    • Homemade SW Friendly Fish Pie (1/2 syn per serving)
    • Speedy chicken & vegetable rice (Syn Free)
    • Creamy chicken pasta (Syn Free)
    • Chicken stir fry (Syn Free)
    • Chicken chicken fakeaway curry using Mayflower Curry powder (5 Syns)
    • Sausage & Bean Stew using Muscle Food sausages (1/2 Syn per sausage)

Have a nosy at my Slimming World loss diaries to see how I’m getting on. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more updates.


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