Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options

Writing our meal plans each week has really made a difference to our eating habits. Just looking for Slimming World meal ideas online or in my recipe books keeps you focused and on track, plus it also means you don’t end up getting bored eating the same meals each week.
Not only does it keep you organised & focused on the diet (ok I know it’s not a diet but a lifestyle change) but it means I only buy what I need for the meals planned each week so I’m managing to stay on a budget. Eating healthily can work out expensive if you’re just buying random foods. I make sure I only buy what I need meaning we’re not only spending less but wasting less too.

During the day is definitely the hardest part for me. I have no problems snacking in the evenings as I make a proper meal for the hubby & I. It’s the lunchtime & mid afternoon snacking that I need to get over. Especially now it’s so warm, I just don’t want to be cooking during the day so I’ve started making a big Syn Free hash brown crust quiche and freezing it in portions.

I can grab a slice of quiche out of the freezer the night before and just pop it in the oven to heat up ready for breakfast or with a salad for lunch. It’s perfect for this weather.

Plus I’ve also started doing a little bit of batch cooking too. If I’m making spag bol or chilli then I’ll make a huge batch and freeze some smaller portions that can easily be warmed up in the microwave.


I’ve been getting pretty bored with just fruit & yogurt for breakfast but I don’t want to use up both my healthy extra a & b on cereal, plus I’m not a fan of toast so instead I’ve been making myself slimming world friendly overnight oats instead. It’s a super simple syn free recipe which is a bonus, and I’ve just added to my Slimming World recipe section on the blog. Plus you can make it in so many different flavours and add different fruits to up your speed foods too.


This is the one I’ve struggled with. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bothering to cook just for myself, and as I work from home I’ll tend to just snack throughout the day. I’m making sure I have lot’s of lunch options that are super quick, plus lot’s of leftovers in the freezer ready to microwave.

So this week I’ll be having my syn free quiche, chilli, jacket potatoes and salad throughout the week as the weather is soo hot! I think I might even have a bit of leftover SW pulled pork too, I’m totally on track with my lunches now.


I normally use my Healthy Extra A for my milk for my cups of teas but I’m trying to drink more green tea, so I’ll still have my A choice for meals.

    • Burger in a Bowl (1 Syn if using burger sauce)
    • Homemade chilli & rice (Syn Free)
    • King Prawn Stir Fry (Syn Free)
    • Chicken wraps & salad (Syn Free if using a Weight Watchers wrap as Healthy Extra B)
    • Jacket potatoes with tuna & salad (Syn Free)
    • Homemade SW Chicken Tikka Massala with boiled rice (Syn Free)
    • Roast chicken with salad & new potatoes (Syn Free)

Do you plan your meals? What is your favourite Slimming World meal or recipe?

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