I haven’t written a weekly Slimming World Meal Plan in months that sounds so bad doesn’t it? But with my spinal surgery & recovery Slimming World hasn’t exactly been a priority.

I haven’t been following the plan or attending Group but now I’m getting back on my feet slowly but surely I’m ready to get back into it all again.

I’ve had to try to make sure this week’s meal plan is both simple & easy to cook as I’m still struggling with the pain & mobility, plus being a busy mama too I just haven’t got the time or the energy for anything over the top or time consuming.

The slow cooker is going to be getting a hammering this week, I bloody love it. Chuck it all in and have a meal pretty much cooked for you! Now it’s getting cold I’m definitely doing a big batch of Syn Free soup too. I portion it up & the hubby will take some to work with him in his flask & I’ll pop a portion in the microwave as I’m a work from home mum.

This week I've made a big batch of Slimming World Pea & Ham Soup and it's syn free, filling and totally yum too so win win! It's basically a chuck everything in a pan kind of recipe so anybody can make whether you've been on plan for a while or totally new to Slimming World. #slimmingworld #synfree #synfreerecipe #synfreesoup #slimmingworldsoup


Due to my medication I’ve really lost my appetite and have been feeling nauseous so it’s been basic breakfasts for me, usually just a single slice of wholemeal toast which is half of my healthy extra b choice. Normally I do eat more at breakfast as otherwise I end up snacking mid morning but at the moment it’s all I can manage,


This is the one I’ve struggled with. I had gotten into the habit of not bothering to cook just for myself, and as I work from home I used to just snack throughout the day. We’ve been making sure I have leftovers ready to microwave as I’m just not able to stand long enough to cook myself a midday meal.


I normally use my Healthy Extra A for my milk for my cups of teas so will include all the syns for the meals below

What is your favourite Slimming World meal or recipe?


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